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  1. Hi folks I'm working in an application than involve some interactive events between some inputs-outputs-inputs. This Matrix will be used to show/modify the value or setting between two points. basically something as the graphical used by NI Switch Executive. I just starting using common graph and their "Cursors", I will continue in that way to see if I can do what I need. the basic working for this "MATRIX" will be: 1.- modify scales for X and Y to any number of Inputs/outputs (programmatically) 2.- show the connection between any X and Y 3.- show the value for a
  2. here you go.. Please rename zxing.txt to zxing.dll you going to need file "AForge.NET Framework-2.2.5.exe" from http://www.aforgenet.com/aforge/framework/ 1.- Change zxing extension to .dll 2.- Install AForge.NET Framework-2.2.5.exe 3.- open ReadSerialAForge-Sample.vi event.vi ReadSerialAForge-Sample.vi zxing.txt zxing.net Read Barcode.vi
  3. Hello Phillip. I'm trying to use your code with a Matrix Code. 1.- I'm taking the picture from a USB WEB cam with very good quality, but I'm getting the Image as "Image Data Type", how can I covert that to System.Drawing.Bitmap? 2.- I tried saving the image to a file (jpg or bmp), but still no data out.. http://forums.ni.com/ni/attachments/ni/170/803110/1/2D%20Code.jpg I added a jpg of my picture Thank you guys...
  4. has not set their status

  5. I have an application and I need to Flash the 64k memory from a .hex file o any body has an Idea? the Hardware is OK now and I can put the correct signals to the auxiliary pins. the terminal 32 and 33 are Tx and Rx for serial and I have access too. Thank you
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