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  1. Hi James, Thanks a lot for replying. I do have the DSC module. I 'm a bit confused as regards how it all fits together. What I have done previously was to use the 'Modbus library' functions & write out an app for conencting to the PLC's. This works fine though I have the task ( cumbersome ) of defining the Modbus commands, length of registers to be read etc & then use a shift register approach to switch between the MOdbus commands. What I was hoping for in the Modbus I/O server was to be able to define all this during the creation of the I/O server & be absolved of it all later
  2. I have been successful in communication with a Delta PLC using Modbus library support & even built some projects using this method of communication with more than one PLC. What I want to be able to do is to use the 'Modbus I/O Server' to set up the elements in my project & not have to use the Modbus function or code fragment that I have used before. Please also clarify the following. 1. The thing should work with just the Modbus I/O server & a VI 2. It should also work with DSC I am having major problems regarding both these areas. While there is a lot of stuff out there &
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