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  1. thanks a loto jgcode but I do not know the function that you tell me to use. I have also another problem. thanks again I use notifiers to communicate between subVIs loaded in the same main VI ,but if the graphics of a subvi had to be displayed in real-time control panel how can I do to see them again. If I load in the main vi a subVI with its graphics functio on control pannel the graphics windows of the subVI does not appear on the control panel of the main VI. How can I do? thanks
  2. thank you very much but how can I do if i have many connectors for output?!icone is small
  3. Good Evening All sorry if the question is basic but the project that I have written is very large and difficult to manage in g language. Let me explain better. It is a VI in which three different programs co-exist (3 vi with while loop which make them remain active). The three programs exchange data in real time and manage separate acquisition, data processing and control actuators. Now it becomes difficult to manage the navigation windows and pan, for scrolling and showing the code. I would therefore like to know how I can do. I thought of the creation of 3 subVI for the three pr
  4. hello I want to use get xy waveform function with the Aim to get the last value of waveform acquisition. What index i can use in this function? I read in a help that if i don't use any index i get the o component and not the last. It's true? thank you
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