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  1. Hi, I am trying to connect one of Lifelines product known as Trackit (an EEG system) with LabVIEW. Does anyone has any experience using this hardware (Trackit).? For your information, this hardware communicates via serial communication. I have tried to use the Basic Serial Write and Read.vi to connect the hardware with LabVIEW. Unfortunately, it is not success. If you guys wants to know how does the hardware looks like, please have a look at www.llines.com. the hardware name is trackit ambulatory regulator. Its programming is written in VB. if you need the source code in VB, please let me know and leave your email address for me to email you the code. TQVM
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    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my Speedy33. Why can't I listen back my recorded voice which I recorded through external microphone (which found with a headphone) which is connected to the audio input port on the NI SPEEDY33. However, I can listen the recorded voice if I record my voice using the built-in microphone though the sound is very soft. I have to connect an external speaker (which has a power supply) in order for me to have a better recorded voice level. Is it because of my audio in port has an error. Can anyone teach me what can I do in order to overcome this problem. I have also change the jumper position from in-line position to microphone position as told in the manual, but still not working. Another thing that I have tried out is to connect the audio input port to MP3 or CD player, then in the sound recorded project I can record the song being played through my cd player and play back the recorded music using NI SPEEDY33. So now what I have to do is to input the voice through notebook built in microphone and playback the sound so that the output of the notebook audio output will be the input to the SPEEDY33. Does anyone have experienced the same problem as me? Can anyone suggest to me any other solution? Thank you in advance for any suggestion
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