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  1. sampling rate = 62.5khz 8 bit ADC interface is via serial port my labview program is attached , pls help me edit it if dere is any error in my conversion. i am expecting about 9V peak-to-peak
  2. Hi shawn , im sure it is a full wave circuit , i am just wondering why it dosent display curves as a normal oscilloscope , what im trying to say is how do i interprete this graph to my supervisor at my final year project defense /* i have two accounts ccie and petersrule2003 */
  3. hi guys , i have a rectifier circuit built and i am sending the rectified output through an ADC to the PC serial port to be displayed on labview but i keep getting the waveform attached below. I want to know if it is because i need to do some calibration , or why is it not displaying a normal fullwave graph on the waveform graph VI. Thanks for ur prompt response. cheers
  4. Hi guys i have a VI that is meant to write a single character to the serial port when the VI is run , but i seem to be having problems matching this string on the microcontroller side is there anyway special format for writing this character to the serial port . if dere is pls help me modify the code to the write way of sending the characters to the serrial port.
  5. hi please i need help on how i can build a VI for a pc based oscilloscope using labview and the interface that connect with the external word is a serial port
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