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  1. I want to create a Labview program to control a pair of Zaber Technology motorized stage (T-LS model: http://www.zaber.com/products/product_group.php?group=T-LS). Zaber has a Labview demo that allows me to give specific commands to the stage, but it can't do what I need. Here's what I need to do: I want to use two stages in conjunction with each other to scan a specified dimension in two axes (so the stages need to communicate with eachother). I will mount a sample to the stages and have the sample move a specified range in one axis (call it the x-axis) and then shift up a small distance in the z-axis to start the x-axis scan again in the opposite direction. I need to be able to specify the dimensions (x-axis and z-axis range) and the time spent at each step in the scan. The whole process should be automatic so that I can input the dimensions and time spent on each point and then hit a go button and let the motorized stages go through the whole scan.
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