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  1. QUOTE (rolfk @ Dec 24 2008, 07:23 PM) ok - I have tried that also - I think there is something wrong with the COM object itself - I will re-install tomorrow and see if that helps. Thanks a ton for the info! Will post soon. mike
  2. Ok - here is the code for my question. I attached my (very basic) VB code with a couple of functions that work when run in VB and the fanuc help file. I also attached a snapshot of my labview code with errors. Any advice is appreciated. thanks mike
  3. Basically what I am looking for is ANY help someone may offer as to why I can not use the child classes of the pcdk kit in labview. I am able to open a valid connection using the FRCRobot Class (from the COM object frrobot.exe) I get an error trying to use any of the other classes - I get an "unknown error" yet these classes work fine in my VB driver (a subset of the PCDK example VB program). The documentation says I should only need to instantiate the main class (FRCRobot) but I can't get beyond basic connection to read a register numeric or digital output etc. Fanuc said every met
  4. P.S. I have only implemented a subset of the available functionality in Fanuc's PCDK; nearly all of the features of the controllers are available to access through code using the PCDK. MM: Is there anyway I might be able to see an example VI or talked to you about creating instances of the Fanuc VB classes in Labview? I can create the robot class and connect but when I try to call ANY other calls like set a digital output I get an Unkown PCDK kit error. Do I have to create a new automation open block each time or just use keep passing the RefNum generated from the connect method? Any hel
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