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  1. Anyone out there (especially in the San Francisco Area) involved in FIRST and can give me an idea where I can find a team to volunteer for (or start one up with my kids' school?)? Their website is a mess, none of the email links are working, and the search for teams feature appears to be broken. The NI community page for first doesn't seem to have any info either. Thank you! Jed
  2. I am designing a test fixture for a cable assembly. It will need to connect to bare 20G solid wires, and handle up to 500VDC. I would like to stay away from screw terminals. In the past, I have used what look like stereo speaker push-buttons. Anyone have any better suggestions?
  3. I am writing an app that has a couple asynchronous Subroutines running in the background. They were originally small stand-alone routines used to control hardware. So they have some controls that when changed trigger events. To control these from a master application, I set them running and then duplicated their controls on the new program. When those controls are changed I use events in the master VI to write the "Value (Signaling)" property of the same control on the subroutine. On both of these subroutines, the control will change on the panel. On one of them, this also triggers the o
  4. Hi Jason, Is there some way that I can contribute to a new release? If I moved through the code and replaced the lagacy with the new function, could I then submit the code for you guys for a release? Seriously, I do a LOT of work with TS and these formatting tools, and if I forget to overwrite this library Iget phone calls late at night! Jed
  5. Format Variant Into String__ogtk.vi doesn't handle timestamps, you get an "Unexpected Datatype" error, as the TDEnum reports it as a Waveform. I have put in place a fix that seems to work without issue, but I can't be sure that it doesn't falsely detect timestamps when processing other types of data. Is this something that can be integrated into the release? Up to this point I just have to remember to copy my version over the OpenG version. It would be nice to not forget and break my code every time I move to a new machine! -jed
  6. I thought about that. It may come to that!
  7. I need some help figuring out how to streamline a new tool. I wrote a tool that is invoked by my SCC server; when a change is submitted, the server scans any submitted VIs and controls for revision changes and records them into the SCC's change spec. This allows me to track changes at a very atomic level. But here's the trouble... the code for reading the history WITHOUT opening up VI dependencies only runs in the development environment. So the original EXE script that I wrote to do this doesn't work. OK. I'll just invoke Labview with a command line argument to launch the VI I want and
  8. Sorry I'm late to the party. I have been using P4 for > 10 years with Labview. I whole-heartedly agree that you don't want your workspace to be c:\ I typically work out of c:\Users\USER\p4 on my personal machine (windows 7) and map the specific client's code to c:\project on their machine. I use VIPM extensively (I use the pro version so that I can include my own libraries, but you don't need to do that). I include a VIPC file with my distros so that I can easily get all those libraries. You could just archive your VIPM cache into P4 somewhere. Unfortunately, since all those drivers
  9. I have written an app for a client and included a couple web services to pull some data. Works great. I was wondering how difficult it is to design a simple web page that can take advantage of the web services; Specifically, how hard is it to have the user click a form button, have that call the web service and then pull data out of a specific XML field and update the page? I know this could get pretty involved, but basically I was hoping to write a simple web page with a table and update values in the table from the web service; I was hoping NOT to have to do this down at the labview level
  10. Help! Roughly every 5th time I run LV 2009 SP1 (W7 x32), when LV closes the Labview.ini file is deleted. I am not sure what this affects, but 1/2 of my IMAQ VIs are no longer on the palette, the scripting functions aren't showing up, even though it;'s installed, etc. Any ideas?
  11. I have a client that needs a servo drive module that can be pre-programmed with a sinusoidal position profile (single axis) which can then be triggered by LV software (via ethernet, serial, USB, etc). Any suggestions? The cRIO products might be a good candidate, but that platform may be more than the customer needs. Thanks! Jed
  12. Hello all, I am trying to print a cluster using the Reporting VIs. The cluster has a classic-style table control in it, and this causes the printed image quality to be unacceptable (the end result looks as if someone reduced it to a 100X100 thumbnail and blew that up). Any suggestions, or am I gonna have to save the control's image to a PNG then load that into a report?
  13. Would it be possible to get 1 feed per forum or sub-forum? I would like to monitor the boards, but only areas where I feel I can learn/contribute.
  14. I thought of that, but the external clock signal will operate over a wide range, sampling about 500-4000 points per run at anywhere from 1000Hz down to 10 Hz. At the high end of the range I won't be guaranteed to get a pulse over a short run time. I thought about letting it free run continuously, but it's impossible to change to the hardware control and back without possibly losing data. And my customer would probably not be happy with "Not accurate, but good enough".
  15. I have a sensor (anemometer) that is outputting a TTL square wave, where the pulse frequency corresponds to the wind speed (the calibration is essentially pulses/sec --> MPH or Rev/Sec). I am reading this through a cDAQ-9172 equipped with a 9205 AI module. I was previously planning to use it through a 9401 and use the counters on the chassis, but now those counters are used for some encoders. There is already an externally clocked AI task running on the 9205 (which is ultimately the rate at which I need to sample the anemometer), so unless I can run two tasks with asynchronous timing sim
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