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  1. Hi, Sorry for the previous post. Actually there is one machine connected to my pc which is continuously sending values of Two parameters Load and deflection. I've to plot graph of that. There are some parameters associated with the selection of mode of operation. So i've to define them also. In doing so i am not getting continuous graph. I've to define my parameters in event structure or while loop and graph must be shown thorugh while loop. So two while loop in project can't work satisfactorily. So how to solve this problem? Other problem is regarding shift register. In one of the parameter mentioned above. I've to compare current value with previous value and to store max value of them to somewhere else. I've tried to get output of previous iteration to input of next iteration but doesn't give satisfactory output. It gives same output at both of the places. So what should i do in order to compare frequently changed values of Load parameter. So, basically i want to plot continuous graph of two parameters coming from machine connected through VISA serial utility. Actually i am getting a graph of load vs deflection correctly but it appears as straight line. I want continuous up and down like smooth change of values in graph can you tell me what's the problem with this graph?? I've attached VIs that contains this problem and also image of front panel when project is running in order to show how graph shows values.. Thanks & Regards Nikunj
  2. Hello; I saw the example of Call Parent Node in Labview Examples (Dialoag Box.vi). In this we call another Vi in our running vi... i couldnt understand that how to make a call parent node for another vi... when i used call parent node then it gives me no vi found... so how to insert vi in the Call parent node... and where can i get more information for Call Parent Node... waiting for Reply.. Thanks; Regards; Nikunj Tanna
  3. hi, Actually i am developing project using labview 8.2 in which i need run time menu. i.e after running the user will choose options from menu for changing some parameters. I see some examples of run time menu but i couldn't understand how to set item tags and item paths for them and dialog box also. Can you help me?
  4. Hi, Actually one hardware is connected to pc which is continuously sending values of load and deflection. I've to plot that graph. I've used serial visa utility for transfer of data. I've already plotted graph. Now I've to put some condlitions at the start of vi. User will define the values of load and deflection. If the actual values of machine of load and deflection get more than user defined values of those parameters than the machine and graph should be switched off. So, inshort i want to ask that how to put that conditions at the start of vi.. Thank you Nikunj
  5. Hi, There is one hardware connected to pc, which is continuously sending values for load and deflection in form of string. I've successfully plot those values but i am getting the framing error "Error-1073807253 occurred at VISA Read Possible reason(s): VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF006B) A framing error occurred during transfer. I am getting framing error while using serial visa port. I've checked all the serial settings i.e. baud rate, parity, data bits etc., I've tried many alternatives but those all doesn't work. I tried flush i/o buffer, set input buffer size and clear errors function. I also tried to ignore the errors from options in tools menu in block diagram. Can you tell me which mask value i should use in flush buffer? I've also used error handler vi. All of these doesn't work. I am sending my vi. Can you help me plz? Plz also tell me where to put some of the blocks incase I've put clear errors block or flush i/o buffer at wrong place. Thank You.
  6. Hi, I am getting a framing error of VISA while receiving strings of numbers dynamically from hardware. What could be the reasons for that error? Plz tell me.
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