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  1. I like SignalExpress but it doesn't work well for multiple data acquisition tasks. Has anybody tried re-creating some of hte functionalities? I particullary like the data logging and alarm monitoring.
  2. Hi Everybody First time posting, long time LabVIEW user. I wanted to see if anybody has successfully generated code to decode and interpret IRIG-B signals. For those of you that are unfamilar here is some information on IRIG-B http://www.irigb.com/IRIGB_standard.html Usually the decoding of the signal takes place using hardware, however the customer has only provided the raw signal and has left the interpretation responsbility to my company. P.S. I know there is a FPGA example at ni.com but I don't have FPGA software and so it made it difficult for me to figure out what was going on in the code. Any information would be great. Thanks in advance
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