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  1. hi all, when compile vi to exe file, the upper left corner of the exe file hv a labview logo. can it be removed?
  2. aristos, here i upload the update from my previous version by following ur method. can execute, but have the following problem: 1. when 00:00:00, still continue saving data. (your previous version dont hv this problem, so i dont know what wrong i do on it) 2. only will save data when 00:00:01, other times (00:00:02, 00:01:00, etc...) will save as 0. (your previous version also dont hv this problem) regard mic_k86
  3. QUOTE aristos, i hv connect it. but not sure correct or not. i upload here. hv block diagram error: missing assignment to tunnel. my default case is 0 not 1. so i dont know wat to do. help... (if possible help me edit it)
  4. Aristos, thanks for your help, but hv one problem. when user selected 0 hour 0 minute 0 second the error box will pop out, but after that when waiting the user to select another new time interval, the sensor still keep saving data. is it possible to set the vi to not save any data during that waiting interval? how to do it? regard mic_k86
  5. mark, i not sure what you mention. (i am beginner in labview). Attached is my vi. this vi when execute will automatically collected data based on the time duration set by user. few step i need to modify with it, but i no idea. 1. if possible, when the vi is execute, it will not automatically collected data. (i.e user have to selected time interval and press a start button) 2.when the user selected 0 hour 0 minute 0 second and click start, the message box "error time entered" is pop up, and user will return the the front panel again to selected the time interval. 3. during 0 hour 0 minute 0
  6. hi all, i have some concept from visual basic but i not sure can applied it to labview or not. let say i have a numeric control to set the delay time. if the user selected 00:00:00 and click run, message box "wrong time selected" pop out and return the user to the labview control panel to selected the time interval again. how to do that in labview? *i am using labview 8.5
  7. antoine, i connected my circuit like the style you post, it work well. but one problem arise when the user selected 00:00:00, it will keep continued saving data. how to modify so that when 00:00:00, no data is saved?
  8. hi all, the default background colour for labview is grey. is it possible to change it to another colour? (i.e. yellow, blue...) or is it possible to at an image picture to the background?
  9. ton and antonie, instead of using three numeric control, i just want to used one numeric control. is it possible? how to do it? one more question, i cant find the dbl icon as in the image you post. as you can see from my image my dbl icon has different shape and no arrow. how to find the type you display? i am using labview 8.5
  10. hi all, after i make my labview to exe file, when click the exe, the program will appear on the screen but not in the middle of the screen? how to manually set up the appearance of the exe file so that it will appear on the location i set (i.e. top left corner, right side, bottom or random place on the screen). another question: is it possible to remove the title bar and the 'X' button of the labview exe form?
  11. i am using numeric control to control the delay time of my sensor input signal. with using the dbl, i able to change the duration in seconds. is that possible to modify so that the program can have three numeric control ( one for hour, one for minute, and one for second) and conected together to the delay time? help...
  12. any example for reference?
  13. hi all, i have one project here, but i no idea how to do it. the question is as below: using computer simulation, demonstrate that an FM signal can be demodulated using: a. slope detection b. a zero crossing detector help...
  14. attach is my temperature vi. any comment and advice?
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