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  1. Also, don't forget that the entire LabVIEW run-time engine is downloaded and installed if it doesn't already exist. At least, this is my impression. The benefit of using remote panels is the browser interface.

    Thanks, Michael. But now I'm more puzzled: the LabVIEW User Manual says: "When you open a front panel remotely from a client, the Web Server sends the front panel to the client, but the block diagram and all the subVIs remain on the server computer." Is it true or not?



  2. I thought remote panels just downloaded the front panel objects, but in my tests, the remote panel connection downloads the whole VI, in this case almost 2MB :blink: .

    Is there any way to lighten the remote panel download? Because now the user doesn't see the advantage of using remote panels against downloading the compiled program just once.

    Strangely, I tried saving the VI without the block diagram, and now the VI is only 1MB but the remote panel still downloads 2MB :wacko: .



  3. Doesn anybody knows if it's possible to write an interface in labview

    and to call a visualc++ application by clicking a button ?

    If the application is compiled, just use the 'System Exec' to launch it. But that seems too easy, so it's sure I'm missing something in your question ;-).



  4. How can I get programmatically the VIs included in a polymorphic VI?

    The 'Export VI Strings' method for a VI reference saves them (among other data) in a xml file, so the task doesn't seem impossible (opening the file and identifying the lines). But I can't discover how to get them in a cleaner way. Any suggestion?



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