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  1. Hi, I have a String "11.6282" and i want to convert it into a decimal number 11.6282 I have tried using "Decimal String to Number" but that returns a integer of 11 Does any one have any idea? actually i have figured out how to do it
  2. hello, I am using tshark's ring buffer to create 3 file that update automatically, the file names are saved with the time and date so they are changing, in labview i want to read the files and convert them but i am getting confused as to how to input the exact name of the file as it keeps changing, i was thinking to using somesort of time stamp of the files in the folder but i am still very stuck..... it will be really helpful if anyone can help, please contact me if you want any more information samia
  3. i am using iperf as dummy traffic generator on my network. so to reduce the number of tcp packects on the network i have to start iperf on different port numbers,so if there is less bandwidth then less tcp traffic will be send and then easier for me to monitor. so i need a way to start many instances of iperf using labview
  4. thanks for that, the for loop works fine, the program is sending the first 5002 iperf command and then it waits for it to complete before it sends the next one, how can it keep sending the iperf command without waiting for the previous one to finish. let me know if u want anymore clarification on the problem thanks
  5. hi, i am using system exce vi to execute iperf commands to cmd, i want to send many different commands from the same labview file. i have the code 2 send 5 iperf commands but only the first command is sent can any one help me with this problem i am attatching my code
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