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After graduating from the INSA Toulouse Engineering School, I was hired as R&D software developer at National Instruments to manage new tools in LabVIEW drivers.

I joined Fluigent in 2012 to manage the software developement and team. I have created the software developement quality porcess and brought engineering tools as source code control, object orirented programming, UML, unit testing, build process automation... As the LabVIEW leader within the team I'm in charge of the application architecture and to mentor the new developpers.

As R&D Manager I have built up a team of engineers and scientist mixing self-management and hierarchy to use the full potential of the team. In those 7 years working for Fluigent I have gained strong skills in people mentoring team management and project management within highly international teams, high level of expertise managing innovation on both financing and IP aspects.

Specialties: Software Engineering, Project Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Team Management, ISO, FDA, Object Oriented Programming, LabVIEW Actor framework, LabVIEW Platform, VI Scripting, Embedded Systems, Test Automation, Instrumentation

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