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  1. QUOTE (dblk22vball @ Feb 20 2009, 03:49 PM) Ya, you are correct, but I want to do everything automatically and continually by the VI. So I need a loop to choose those string one by one and break into piece(Just want to use the 1st bit only, as the amplitude or y-axis points) and then want to convert into number, again convert to array element to draw the graph. I'm having the problem with run everything automatically. So far I can save those strings in the shift register, but I want to build a loop to choose those strings one by one. Do you have any idea about that?? Thanks for your re
  2. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Feb 19 2009, 10:45 PM) Basically, I’m using Agilent 8720 ES, S-parameters network analyser. I used this device to display the electromagnetic field effect graph. The graph is display on the analyser display; I have display the same graph on my VI. So, I’m using only one marker (which is the X-axis value or frequency) and take the amplitude reading (which is Y-axis value) around 10 values. I have to move that marker along the real graph on the analyser and take several maker reading (10 values). The marker values are the amplitude values(Y-axis values)on the graph. T
  3. QUOTE (dblk22vball @ Feb 18 2009, 09:55 PM) Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have designed a different VI now, but I can get the array elements inside the for loop only. I couldn’t get the array elements value outside the for loop, one by one when the for loop execute. Because I have received this array from the S-parameters network analyser, I want to use those values to plot an x-y graph. So I have to break the array elements separately to draw this graph. Do you have any idea to move the value outside the for loop or any other method to break this array? I have attached the new VI with th
  4. Hi guys, I have designed a VI with the for loop, shift register and the local variable. I want to increase the index value by 1, when the for loop execute each time. But, I couldn’t change any value until the for loop execution is finished. Can anyone help me with this problem please? I have attached my VI with this post. Regards Jim
  5. jim85

    storing data.

    Hi Guys, I have implemented the VI to read the data from the analyser. I want to save the reading data and retrieve the results together to draw the graph. I don’t know how to save the data on the VI and get all the results in a time. Can anyone help me with this please? I have attached my VI with this mail.
  6. QUOTE (normandinf @ Feb 11 2009, 06:05 PM) Hi, Thank you very much for your kind help. I have solved that problem with the drivers, you have send me. Then I have a another problem with storing the data and retrive. As you said I have started a new thread and attached the link for you. If you have some idea about this, please let me know. http://forums.lavag.org/Draw-a-graph-from-...lts-t13241.html Regards Jim
  7. Hi Guys, I have a problem with the drawing x and y axis graph from the Agilent 8720ES S-paramters network analyser marker results. The results are created by the analyser in a given time. I want those results to save in my VI and retrive together to draw a graph. I dont know how to save it and take back the results together. Can anyone help me with this? I have attached my VI with this mail. Regards Jim
  8. QUOTE (normandinf @ Feb 4 2009, 01:30 PM) Hi, Now I have updated my Labview version to 8.6. Thanks for you help. And I have a another doubt. I'm trying to get marker reading from the Agilent 8720ES s-parameter network analyzer. I want to get serval reading to draw a graph through my vi. When i asked the analyser to send 2 data or 2 marker reading, i can able to read only the last value from my vi. I want serval reading to draw the graph. How I can improve it take many readings? i have attached my vi with this mail. Again, thanks for your help. Regards Jim
  9. QUOTE (normandinf @ Jan 30 2009, 06:04 PM) Hi, Thanks a lot for your help. I have a problem with the opening your GPIB_call.vi, because your coding in LabView 8.6 version.But i'm using 8.5.1 and 8.0. Could you please able to send in one of my versions? It'll really great if you send it to me. Regards Jim
  10. QUOTE (normandinf @ Jan 29 2009, 01:44 PM) Hi, Thanks for your kind reply. Actually I want to communicate with 2 device at the same time. With the PM341 through the RS232 cable and HP 8350B sweep oscillator through the GPIB cable connection. I have designed a very simple VI to communicate with this oscillator, but unfortunately my VI showed some error message called "error 30 occurred at GPIB initialization". And it says possible reasons: LabView: Bad print records NI-488:No GPIB address input. I do not know how to sort out this problem.
  11. QUOTE (AnalogKid2DigitalMan @ Jan 28 2009, 06:51 PM) Yes, I read through the PM 341 handbook already. But I don’t understand, why you are saying that I cannot use GPIB to control the stepper motor? Could you please explain for me? Thank you very much for your kind reply. Regards Jim
  12. Hi Guys, I want to control a stepper motor through PM341 controller via GPIB cable. Is anyone have sample coding or tutorials, which is help me learn and design the VI?? Regards jim
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