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    Yes, that function is used to execute a sequence of states. Also how do i correctly configured the serial connection.
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    QUOTE (JustinReina @ Mar 16 2009, 10:21 PM) Hi Justin, Sorry for the late reply and thank for your input. However i couldn't understand your code and how it would be useful for replacing the multi-line list to array of string.vi. Also when i ran the program i received the following error message: Error-1073807253 occurred at VISA Read in StepperOption.vi Possible reason: VISA: (HEX 0xBFFF006B) A framing error occurred during transfer.
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    Hi Justin, I am controlling two steppers motor (motor x linear and y polarized). So A
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    Hi Justin, I would be happy to go through it with you because I took the multi-line list to array of string.vi from another code and if you could make it easy to understand it would be helpful.
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    Hi all, I have made a code that moves the motors by sending the command MR (Move relative position) to the PM341, however, how would i send a squence of movement to the stepper motor. When I look at the at the PM341 user handbook (link below) , i found a command called DS (Define squence). This command can be used but i don't know how i would send it. I have also attached my code. http://www.mclennan.co.uk/datasheets/techn...1manualissb.pdf
  6. QUOTE (TobyD @ Feb 27 2009, 03:13 PM) Now you can see what my output string looks like and i look at some waveform graph instead of an XY Graph and i still couldn't do it. Thanks for your reply
  7. QUOTE (star @ Feb 24 2009, 03:09 PM) Can someone start me off to make this code in a sequence structure and using event structure as well. Please
  8. The reason why I want to make a graph is because I am reading some values for a text file and then place the values on the graph. The x-axis is the number of items in the file and y-axis are the values. I made a code that reads from a text file and I have attached it below.
  9. Hi all, I was wondering how I could make a line graph in LabView. For example plotting numbers (83, 37,-27, 73,-21,-32.............).
  10. It works, however this code was smaller part of a bigger code and when I executed the big code it work until it reached the writing file.vi. The reason why is the writing file.vi doesn't stop or the bigger code needs to be in an event structure. I attached the whole code so you could look it. Thank you for version 8.5
  11. I can't open because it's on the newest version.
  12. QUOTE (nicolasB @ Feb 23 2009, 07:19 AM) Hi nicolasB I have done some tutorials on events srtructures, however i don't know how to use it in this example.
  13. QUOTE (nicolasB @ Feb 22 2009, 09:39 PM) when i did it, it work however it takes a while to execute and i have to keep the write button on before i run it and leave it on until it the code finishes. Is it possible for the code to run faster and also when i run the code, i want to wait until the user press write button and then end when the information is saved to the file. QUOTE (star @ Feb 22 2009, 10:29 PM) where can i find the write to spread sheet file.vi. improved code
  14. where can i find the write to spread sheet file.vi.
  15. Yeah i am using version 8.5(thats ok), but the new number which i saved is on the same line as the previous one and i want it to be save on the next line. And if i want to save more numbers, it would be on the next line. I was thinking of using the tab function but i don't have alot of knowledge about it. Thank you anyways
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