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  1. Thanks for the comments thus far, I'll answer what I can for now. First off, the current prototype does not support full duplex over RS422, for the very reasons described above, that this hasn't worked out well in testing various devices as it's not "true" full duplex. Regarding the power for RS485, this is something we may be able to add before launch. While most 485 don't seem to have this, I could see how the 5V there would be nice. From my research, people seem to like pin 8 for the 5V, and retaining pin 5 for ground, does this sound accurate to you folks?
  2. Thanks for the comments Pete; our release candidate currently avoids that exact headache. Was there any other annoying things you would like to see this product solve, or have we gotten lucky and nailed it as is?
  3. Hello all, we're in the midst of developing a new product, similar to others out there, but trying to make it better and more useful for real world users like yourselves. The product is essentially a USB to RS422/485 converter with a 6 ft. cable built onto it which is resonably unique, but not completely original. Based on the chipset we've chosen, we have the ability to add a few other features to the product, including: 1) Com port retention, so unplugging and reconnecting the cable to a given laptop or PC will always be remembered as whatever port you confirgured it for 2) Com port rena
  4. QUOTE (hooovahh @ Apr 3 2009, 03:50 PM) The COM retention is controlled by the driver on the PC itself and the renaming portion is stored in memory on the device itself. If you were to set it up on a host PC with say com 1,2,3,4, then disconnect it, and plug something else in that took a com port, then add the device again, it would not get the same com ports. Essentially the retention is more for portability purposes, rather than changing the configuration of a given machine. Giving you the ability to disconnect the box, take it with you, and hook up again in the same configuration wi
  5. I would like to introduce two new products (with more to come) that have been developed by StarTech.com. Both of these new releases are small form factor USB to Serial RS-232 devices, which of course there are plenty of, however these offer some new features that may be useful to this group. In this launch is a 2 and 4 port version; apart from the standard control of serial devices from a USB machine, you get: COM port retention - The device will store connected serial devices, so if you should need to disconnect, the port settings last use
  6. QUOTE (Dan DeFriese @ Feb 7 2009, 06:53 PM) Interesting suggestions, a couple of questions then. Regarding the hardware time-tag, are you referring to a logging function for troubleshooting, or something different? Obviously moving devices also gets frustrating, so if the device support com port retention and renaming, would that be helpful? For devices like this, is working with 232, 422, and 485 a must? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the response Crelf, I had a look at the concentrator, and I noticed the 8 port version is around $907 from their site. I had a couple of questions on a product like that. 1) For your project, was it required to control over ethernet, and did you lose any of the serial functionality you needed because of the tcp/ip connection? 2) If you were integrating something (again focusing on only 8 ports here), would the pricepoint be much of an issue for you? Our 8 port card would retail somewhere around $200 instead of $900, and give raw serial control. As for NI-VISA, compliance is no
  8. Hello, I'd like to introduce myself first as a Senior Product manager at StarTech.com, and let you know this is in no way advertising for the company; just want you to know my background before I ask a couple of questions. We're looking at launching some new serial card products, and I figured who better to talk to than people that actual program serial control and monitoring. I've read several threads on here where people mention applications using 4+ serial ports that cause cpu levels to spike and impede performance. I'm wondering if anyone has tried any single chip serial cards on these
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