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  1. Hi friends Some weeks ago I buy the new NI 9210. Now I have a problem, as this is a newer equipement. the NIDAQ for this board does not support my old hardware. Why NI cannot creat a spicific driver for each hardware? If some one has an idea for working with all hardware, and even that the university only have lincense for labview 2013 or below. I start a topic in NI foruns but seems no solution https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Labview-NI-Daq-mx-and-harware-help/m-p/3969937?profile.language=en Best regards carlos
  2. cpalha

    voice recogniton

    QUOTE (Minh Pham @ Feb 11 2009, 11:23 PM) Hi I don't have done nothig about voice recognition, only researching... I have a car equipede with a encoder to measure the distance and i would to add to the distance file some observations os traffic signals like "stop". It can be something that i saved the commands with my voice after went to the road and in the road the system is registering the distance and when i see a signal i speek to a microphone it recognises the word by comparation with pre saved word and and write the text at the corresponding distance. Hoppe you understand Thanks for your attention, best regards CPalha
  3. cpalha

    voice recogniton

    Dear all I have a board connected to a encoder to measure the distance and it save into a file. I want to add into this file some voice commands thar are recognised and saved in the same file as text. I explain, i go with a car measuring and saving the distance but if i find some signal i speeak into a microphone like "stopt" it recognises and save the word in the same file and at correponding distance. Best regards. CPalha
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