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  1. Hi friends Some weeks ago I buy the new NI 9210. Now I have a problem, as this is a newer equipement. the NIDAQ for this board does not support my old hardware. Why NI cannot creat a spicific driver for each hardware? If some one has an idea for working with all hardware, and even that the university only have lincense for labview 2013 or below. I start a topic in NI foruns but seems no solution https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Labview-NI-Daq-mx-and-harware-help/m-p/3969937?profile.language=en Best regards carlos
  2. QUOTE (Minh Pham @ Feb 11 2009, 11:23 PM) Hi I don't have done nothig about voice recognition, only researching... I have a car equipede with a encoder to measure the distance and i would to add to the distance file some observations os traffic signals like "stop". It can be something that i saved the commands with my voice after went to the road and in the road the system is registering the distance and when i see a signal i speek to a microphone it recognises the word by comparation with pre saved word and and write the text at the corresponding distance. Hoppe you understand Thanks
  3. Dear all I have a board connected to a encoder to measure the distance and it save into a file. I want to add into this file some voice commands thar are recognised and saved in the same file as text. I explain, i go with a car measuring and saving the distance but if i find some signal i speeak into a microphone like "stopt" it recognises and save the word in the same file and at correponding distance. Best regards. CPalha
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