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  1. My VI just crashed and it said it had a VI stored for recovery at the time I wanted. But when I hit recover it was not the one I had been working on instead was the old one I had saved. I closed out of all of that but is there a way to bring back my vi??
  2. Like most I am guessing, I am fairly new to this. I have tried to look at Arrays in the search menu and even tried doing video after video and I can't really find something that can help me out. So I figure I could ask the experts... How can I have the contents of a combo box (or something like a selection box) be updated by an 1-D string array? I know my vi is incorrect... I just wanted to throw it together to show what I am trying to do select path.vi
  3. Kubo

    Serial ports hosed

    Ah geez. How embarrasing... There was a a mode bit that needed to be set in the fixture that supplys the clock. Sorry about that, it works now Thank you for your help.
  4. Kubo

    Serial ports hosed

    With the labview program, it is only configuring/ opening a Visa serial connection to 1 port. However it seems to have affect all ports.
  5. I have a computer right now that has been running a test sequence from CVI. We wanted to have another program installed that runs a labview program. The computer didnt have a DVD player so I couldn't install labview 8.6, so I installed labview 8.5 (which came on CDs) and saved the program as a previous version. When I opened the labview program and ran the test it displayed garbage out of the com port. I made sure the baud rate and other settings were set up correctly. Only 1 program is ran at once, so the other program is closed when the other is open. I then went to a terminal emulator and tried it manually (while the labview and CVI program was closed) and it did the same thing. It used to work before loading & running the labview program. I know this labview program works on other computers without the CVI on it, I even tried it on another one with the CVI program on it and it did the same thing. The output (even though its garbage) changed format when I manually change the baud rate so it almost looks like there might be 2 programs trying to read from it. Nothing is open and the computers have been rebooted multiple times. I have even uninstalled labview and it still will not want to display manually on a terminal emulator(however the CVI program gets the right output still).... We are unsure if what we are seeing is being caused by... The combination of both programs. Labview being saved to a later version. Has anyone seen this issue or anything like this? Thank you
  6. Has anyone ever disconnected PPP with labview or through a command prompt? I know theres a way in Linux but Im not sure about Windows.
  7. If the installer didnt install that then it doesn't have it. How would I put it on there
  8. Hello everyone, I can't seem to figure out this little problem. With my program I have made an installer to transfer it to another computer. I put it on one computer (has an older labview on it), and everything seems to work great. Then I put it on another computer without labview on it and it seems that it wont let me select a com port in my control to a serial connection. The rest of the program works fine... it just wont display the serial output which it needs to make the program function correctly. Is this because the measurement & automation program needs to be installed? Or maybe something else?
  9. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Mar 20 2009, 04:38 PM) Do you happen to have an example of a timer? Maybe a start, stop and reset function?
  10. Hello everyone, I have a statemachine being used to run a sequence of steps that, when completed, will be about 40 minutes long. I am trying to figure out how to impliment a timer function that will act like a stop watch for this whole process. Right now I have it so that at the first step it will capture the current time then at the end it will take that captured time and delete from the new current time which in theory will display the elasped time it took to compete the whole process. Could someone point me in the right direction that could get it so that this can display the time its taking in real time and not just display the time it took once its done. Thanks in advance
  11. No offence taken at all. I am extremely new at this and I am just trying to learn, so I am taking all the pointers I can take. I have scheduled a couple training classes but they start next month. I guess I should have specified exactly what was not working correctly, I applologize. The reason why I have done it this way was because the characters in this terminal act as a tracker to the units activities during the process. What this is ulimately going to be doing is loading software. It streams data out of the serial port extremely fast, so that is why the timing to that loop is set very low. If it was set any higher the data recieved would start backing up... when I turn off the unit, it will still display an output for some time... depending on how long I had the power on. Ill send a few examples of what I have tried but these are to better explain what I am trying to do, I thought when I was doing it that it wouldnt work but I thought I would give it a shot.
  12. When I write a command to the port (in this case "nc") I get a network configurations display instantly out of the same port. I could do the same with different commands and it will display instantly. Normally when we do this manually we use hyperterminal or Teraterm and say for instance we enter "nc d1", it will display the network configurations for device 1, or when we enter "ncs" it will display "network configurations saved". The commands that we are changing will be in the network configurations, so we will need to enter a series of commands... i.e. "nc d1 e 00:00:00:00:00:01" or "nc d6 i 123.456.789.000". After entering each command it will display that device with the setting that it was changed to. Not really sure I know what you mean by controling the flow.
  13. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Feb 27 2009, 05:23 PM) Thank you, but this does't answer my question at all. Like I said, I am just trying to write multiple commands. It works otherwise. Yes I would like it to stay at 10ms for now, until I figure out the timing thing later
  14. Ill try to explain this as best as I can. This is probably real simple... I need to enter about 20-30 commands into the serial (rs-232). I am able to have 1 command issued and have it display the way I want it to and when I want it. But when I try to do more than that doesnt work right. Is there an easier way to do this? Thank you
  15. Kubo


    QUOTE (Yair @ Feb 24 2009, 07:29 PM) Gah! I knew it was something easy. Thanks!
  16. Kubo


    I want an image in the background of a terminal. I made the terminal transparent but I cant figure out how to make it so the image is under the terminal instead of on top. I read somewhere that its in the Edit menu but I cant find it. I am working with 8.6. Thank you
  17. I know that there is probably a more professional way to do this, I am learning... Please dont criticize too much. Some steps in the state machine have another smaller state machine in them. I did this to have the option to go different places when certain events happen or timeouts occur. Each time it gets to a step in the outer state machine, like where it says "OE_Main", it will turn on a device which will boot the same way each time... provided that option was selected. While booting, those events will occur but it may not be at that step yet... so when it does get to that step it will just go ahead with that event since it saw it previously instead of waiting for it to happen again. Is there a way to clear the event log when it gets to that step? Thanks everyone!
  18. Thank you. I put a picture of my front panel to better discribe what my program's functionality was supposed to be... I personally work better with drawing stuff out then actually discribing it. However others may obviously disagree.
  19. How do I clear the event list... I have a state machine that will initiate a sequence or command based off the selections that was picked by the user. The steps are done in order and the programs works great except for a few small issues... I have event structures waiting on events in certain parts of the state machine. There are 3 events that I want to be designated as the triggers for the structures but there are 8 stages. So some events are going to be shared... The reason why is because the unit I will be programming will rebooted multible times... so upon reboot it will need to look for that event again. I can run the program and run each stage individually, this works fine. But when I run the program and select all the stages the states with the shared events will not wait for the event to happen again because it happened in a privious stage. But once I stop then start the program it resets it event log (so it seems). So my question is, how do I clear the events each time it gets to a new stage in my state machine? OR/AND Is the another way I should do this? Thank you
  20. QUOTE (mross @ Feb 14 2009, 03:15 AM) Here is my state machine and code so far. Its probably has some bad techniques and wrong ways to do it... however cleaning it up will be something I will do later on. I just want to make this functional and try to understand a little bit at at time. Thanks guys
  21. I am sure this is easy stuff, but its a friday and I am burned out. Okay I got down the sequence structures and how to initiate each step one at a time. But how would I be able to preform a step and make it pause there until a certain value is received... I opened up the examples for the event structures and tried reading the how to's... I got burned out. Maybe someone could help me out by pointing me in the right direction. This is based off my first question on here.... How to recieve a value when a pre-determined group of text is recieved in serial connection. I am going to be using a sequence in my state machine, when it is at that state it will start that sequence. That works fine, but I want it to pause at a frame till I get a true value from that string... when it gets that value, then proceed. Is there an easy way to do this? Will I have to dynamically register that event? (Thats the part I dont understand fully)
  22. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Feb 12 2009, 06:33 PM) Yeah I figured this is a rough draft... I have only been using Labview for about 2 weeks now on the side. I am still figuring out all the small things. But as long at it works I can at least have a running test station up. Ill figure out all the small things later. But thank you for the input. The inputs are not related to each other, I will look into putting them as you stated. QUOTE (Michael Aivaliotis @ Feb 12 2009, 07:24 PM) If you're new at LabVIEW, things can be a little overwhelming. It sounds like your application is working so I wouldn't change anything right now. Look at my attached image for a suggestion to do what you want. Some of the string primitives in LabVIEW require a bit of extra code to get them to do what you want. For example, in the image attached, I had to add a >=0 function to find out if my string actually matched. PS. I added a linefeed character to your string building. That might make your Terminal output a little more readable. THANK YOU! Yes this works great! Just as it should! I appriciate it!
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