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  1. Hey Guys Just wanted to thank everybody one more time for all the help. My program is working now and the problem I was having was not on my side. I am able to send an xml file using the ActiveX object WinHTTP successfully. The problem was that they didn't resolve my IP address properly. Thanks again Igor
  2. QUOTE (rolfk @ Apr 27 2009, 02:56 PM) Thank you Rolf I think that they haven't given me access to their server even though I have given them my IP address which I would be using for the data transfer. Thanks to everybody for the responses I think I have to try and hunt down somebody at that company.
  3. QUOTE (rolfk @ Apr 27 2009, 02:48 PM) I think it is the name of the server that I have to post my data to: http://hermes.plexus-online.com That is the website that I can't even do a GET method on
  4. QUOTE (rolfk @ Apr 24 2009, 07:02 AM) You tried http://www.plexus-online.com' rel='nofollow' target="_blank">www.plexus-online.com right? I can do a GET method on that page with my ActiveX program. It's when I try to do anything with the hermes server page, that I can't get any response from it.
  5. QUOTE (asbo @ Apr 23 2009, 07:06 PM) I can't browse to the page with my browser, tried IE, Opera, and Mozilla. I have tried everything, and I'm coming to the point where I'm thinking that there is still some configuration to be done on hermes' end.
  6. My biggest problem is that I can do a GET method and get a bunch of html displaying as a response. I can do a GET with my ActiveX WinHTTP on pretty much any site. www.plexus-online.com I use to punch in at work and hermes.plexus-online.com would be used for the uploaded file from me. How come I can do a GET on the first webpage, but when I'm trying to do a GET on the hermes server I get the error that my security policy denies me access. My IT guy has opened up ports for the hermes server but it still doesn't work. I was thinking that maybe the people that work with this hermes server haven'
  7. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Apr 23 2009, 03:55 PM) With TCP/IP connections I was trying a simple GET method but I would get ERROR 56 which gave an explanation from LabVIEW: The network operation exceeded the user-specified or system time limit. Here is a screenshot of a simple client that I just made. Is there anybody that has worked with the ActiveX object WinHTTP successfully before so that they could maybe look at my code and help me out. Thanks
  8. I don't really need to use ActiveX. I tried it with TCP/IP before I used ActiveX and that didn't work out. So I looked into using ActiveX object WinHTTP and it was actually easier to build then my TCP/IP program that I had. Could you maybe post a little more code that shows how you make a connection? I'm using LabVIEW 8.0 and LabVIEW 8.2 and the XML-RPC client/server project project in the code repository requires LabVIEW 8.5 and above. Thanks
  9. I have made a program that takes a xml file and sends it to an off-site server. My problem is that the value of the content-length header will not change to the number I specify. I use wireshark to check what my request header looks like, and the content-length value never changes no matter what I put down. Does WinHTTP make up his own content-length? Thank you
  10. QUOTE (mesmith @ Mar 19 2009, 03:17 PM) I'm connected to the internet through a proxy server is there anyway that I can specify which port I want ActiveX to use?
  11. Does anybody know which port is used by ActiveX objects? I'm using WinHTTP and I want to know which port is used for outgoing packets. Thank you
  12. Ok I took the advice and made a program using ActiveX WinHTTP object to send an xml file to a off-site server. Now I have included a screenshot of the program and I was wondering if anybody has experience with it to help me out. I get the error that the server name or address could not be resolved. I have tried other webpages and I used the method GET and I got all kinds of html data from it. Thank you
  13. QUOTE (jdunham @ Mar 10 2009, 04:16 PM) Thank you very much for all the help. I think there is a problem with my proxy server. When I try telnet www.w3.org #port, and for #port I used the proxy server port and made www.w3.org as an exception and used proxycfg.exe to adapt the settings from the IE. I still can't connect to anything so I think my proxy server needs some modification.
  14. QUOTE (jdunham @ Mar 10 2009, 02:01 PM) I think that this is my problem with my WinHTTP program. I have everything setup and I can get all kinds of html data from any website that I put in to the URL tab of the OPEN method. Now today I wanted to start and POST data to a server as a test and somebody setup a listener for me. The location of the listener was given to me as an IP address appended by ":XXX", X's being numbers. What bothers me here is that I can do GET on any other website but the one that they supplied me with I can't. They told me that they DNS doesn't have a name so everyt
  15. I'm using the ActiveX object WinHTTP to post xml data to a server. Now in the OPEN method the url has to be absolute. Now I only have the IP address of the server, and my question is can I somehow convert the IP address to an absolute url? Thank you
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