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  1. Two years later...I found another way to handle this which is to put a clear functions command in a MATLAB Script Node at the start of the VI. This will force a recompile of the externally-edited .m file.
  2. Sorry, 2009...but this happened in 8.5 and 8.6 too.
  3. I am using a MATLAB script node to save data to .mat files. If I accidentally close the "MATLAB Command Window" that LabVIEW opens I get an error about failing to send variable to script node. Having done this many times over the years, I know what the error message means, but this error is not at all helpful to a new user. Two questions... what is the best way to try to get NI to make the error message more helpful, and second is there any way to get the MATLAB Command Window back (other than closing my VI and reopening it which works, but is annoying) so subsequent runs don't have the error?
  4. Windows update ran last night while I was running an experiment, and restarted the computer while LabVIEW was running. If you run overnight experiments with LabVIEW, you may want to consider this. I found some instructions for how to disable automatic restart on XP http://www.aviransplace.com/2004/12/18/tip-disable-auto-restart-in-windows-update/ Here's the skinny: Windows XP Pro users can tell Windows never to restart the computer automatically. In order to do that follow these steps. In the Start Menu go to Run type “ gpedit.msc ” and press Enter Now a Group Policy editor will open. In this window navigate to: Computer Configuration -> Administrative Template -> Windows Components -> Windows Update Double click on No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations In the settings window Choose Enabled and click OK Close Group Policy Editor Hope this helps someone else! Or if there are other/better suggestions for keeping Windows Update at bay, I'd love to hear them. Pat
  5. I've been using the Matlab script node and always noticed something funny about how it handles scripts (.m files) that I had saved. I finally figured out yesterday what it was. If you edit the script in matlab and save it, LabVIEW won't see the changes. For example: Create a file called test.m which just has: a=a+1; Next create a vi that has a Matlab Script Node with inputs and and outputs of "a" attached to a control and indicator respectively which only contains a script node with the code: cd <whatever directory test.m was saved to>; test If you run this code with the control set to 0, the indicator will read 1 as expected. Now, if you go edit the file test.m to a=a+2; (without closing your vi) and then rerun the vi, it will still give you 1, not 2. If you close the vi, then reopen it, it will give you 2 as expected. Is there a way to generate new execution code for LabVIEW without closing the vi and reopening it.
  6. I wrote a quick tutorial over at LabVIEW wiki about setting up subversion's svn diff to work with the new LVCompare.exe using the --diff-cmd switch. Hope it is helpful to others! http://labviewwiki.o...ng_capabilities
  7. See this discussion http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?boar...ssage.id=228227 Confirmed bug by NI on 2/24/09 and assigned CAR #148398
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