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  1. Oh, good tip, Ton. I hadn't thought about using the afterprobe with breakpoints. That does make it quite a bit more useful. Still say it'd be better if it automatically tabulated iterations, tho
  2. I wouldn't think so either. That kinda sucks -- I was hoping to start a sideline biz writing Treo apps in LabVIEW, if I could get some licensing stuff worked out with NI.
  3. I see that now that there's an 8.2 release of the PDA toolkit, it's only available for the Windows mobile platforms. Did NI just decide to completely stop supporting Palm OS, and if so, can you use the LV8 PDA toolkit with LV 8.2?
  4. Actually, I had forgotten about that. That is a very useful feature, although I really don't think it's on par with the addition of synchronization VIs or events. That is something that's fairly useful (and which I really haven't utilized that much, honestly). I don't really care about inline rendering of web pages. I really want rich text formatting, any implementation will do. HTML is just a convenient (although admittedly not quite optimized) standard. Very true. I apologize if my post was misread as saying "These are not good improvements." For the most part, the changes in 8
  5. :beer: Can't use OpenG at my current work site, so I hadn't even looked into it. If I can download that separately, I'm all over it and thank you :beer: I'm still torn about the utility of the project explorer, really. Better SCC integration is great, and I do appreciate that. The other things are interesting refinements, and useful in specific instances, but I still don't see that they don't open up new avenues of programming like the 4->5, 5->6, or 6->7 upgrades did. The OO integration might (although from the demo I saw yesterday, I am a little skeptical -- it doesn't lo
  6. I think the reason that a bunch of changes don't get talked about is that the upgrade from 7.1 to 8 includes some cool changes, but very few really useful ones. XControls are very cool, but are useful for a slim minority of users (I really WANT to use them, and I haven't come up with an instance yet where they really made sense). The scrollbar for arrays is cool, but as previously stated, there was a workaround. I also agree that it's not an optimal UI element. However, this is probably tied for 2nd as the most utilitarian change in 8 (#1 might be the graph palette changes). Haven't yet
  7. Can't believe they didn't add that property till LV8. I could write somethin, but i'm really short on time. Anyone got a predone solution they can share?
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