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  1. Hey there, I got the problem that I need to "send" image data (format bmp, jpg, tif, ...) to the graphics adapter to the VGA-port for example with a Laptop. To the VGA-port a kind of small "beamer" is connected and I need to see only the file I send there and not the whole screen (Desktop). The Desktop remains visible on the laptop monitor. As the VGA-port is not treated like the other communication ports (RS232, GPIB, ethernet, usb..) I did not find any example and I suppose it wont be that easy to realize. I would appreciate a lot any hint on this. Thanks in advance Pepe
  2. Hi to all, finally I am using Unflatten from String in a While Loop. It works fine, just that HEX numbers above Axxx appear negativ :-\ Also with the Type Cast, they become negative, although I am using a 16bit word as type. EDIT: ok, now it works fine. I just had to change the type to "unsigned Word" Anyway, thanks a lot for your help
  3. Hi to all, I just spent some time searching the forum, but unfortunately I did not found a satisfying result... The communication to set up should be using the RS-232 interface. I am using VISA configure serial port -> write -> read -> close (LW 7.1) I got an auto-correlator which returns me 256 equidistant ACF-values as a row of 512 Byte with the following structure: 1.byte 00(hex)...FF(hex) 2. byte 00(hex)...C0(hex) . . . 511. byte 00(hex)...FF(hex) 512. byte 00(hex)...C0(hex) For that I am using the VISA read, which gives me the correct 512 bytes after sending the "GetACF" command. By placing an indicator at the output of the VISA read and changing its properties to "hex" I see the right string. For further processing I need to convert it into numbers. Using the "Hexadecimal String to number" does not seem to work. For sure, it is my fault, but I already tried different number representations (which is the only thing to modify) Here the first 10 bytes of my signal: 04E3 04EE 04FD 04F4 04FA Using a probe data between the VISA read (read buffer out) and the Hex string to number does not indicate me the hex string, but any symbols. Could this be the problem??? Thank you in advance for any hints.
  4. Ok, thanks a lot! It works fine Salu2 ;-) Pepe
  5. Hi to all. I got the problem, that I need to create a file with the arrays took received from an instrument. As the file for receiving the data from the instrument is quite big, I created a trial-vi to implement the write to file function lateron. I attach a screenshot of the result and the vi. My problem is that the data should be written to the file in format of a table. for e.g. [file name] testpath [data] -24,300000 0,000000 -24,300000 0,000000 -24,300000 0,000000 -24,300000 0,000000 -24,300000 0,000000 -24,300000 . . . and not in that way as it is indicated in the screenshot-jpg-file. The problem seems to me to convert each of the two arrays into a column. Actually I am quite a Newbie in LabView but I already used the help and the search function without success I appreciate any help Thanks in advance. Pepe Download File:post-1500-1107865029.vi
  6. Hi again. Thank for your hint! Its working fine
  7. Hi Lynn, thanks for your hints I will try them right now. Regarding the Tutorial: I already passed through the tutorial but it was quite basic knowledge and what I need to do is a bit more complex. I will let you know, how its going... Thanks! Pepe
  8. Hi to all. I am completely a newbie on this field using LabView and so on and I hope you can give me some answers. Problem: I need to connect a Bit-error-Rate tester (in following BERT) via LabView with a computer to process the obatined BER. The problem is, the BERT does not give the BER directly, but the number of errors. For that I need to calculate the BER using time (used for the BER-measurement), bitrate and errors. The problem is, that the format of two values is a string and that these two values may vary with a new measurement. So I need to process them using Numeric operations (muliplication, Division). I just found a converter, which converts from string to number, but it doesnt work, because anytime I try to connect both signals to the multiplier, it gives me an error and it automatically connects both with each other, instead of connecting both to the multiplier. I hope I explained well the problem I got and I would greatly appreciate any hints. Thanks in Advance Pepe96
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