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  1. QUOTE (bsvingen @ Mar 19 2009, 07:52 PM) Hi, thanks for your reply (also to all the rest) !! Do you know where I can find this VI ? Thanks in advance ! :worship:
  2. Dear labVIEW users, As a last year graduate on the KDG I got to realise a last year project. The target is to simulate automotive sensor signals and send these to the ECU ( electronic control unit ) of the motormanagementsystem, this ECU will interpretate this signal as actual circumstances in the car while he's driving and while the engine is running. Now the problem is that we've got to simulate the crankshaft signal, this is an inductive sensor that stands next to a flywheel, on the flywheel there are 30 theeth and 3 parts at the flywheel where there are no theeth. The picture will show
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