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  1. 6 hours ago, Antoine Chalons said:

    Are Italian LV developers more prone to producing spaghetti code?


    Are Swiss more likely to have holes in their code? I hoped you aren't cheesed by this comment.

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  2. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, but have you looked at the "Input Device Control" VIs? See the example "Monitoring Keyboard and Mouse Activity.vi"

    National Instruments\LabVIEW 20XX\examples\Connectivity\Input Device Control\Monitoring Keyboard and Mouse Activity.vi


  3. 8 hours ago, Niatross said:

    Personally, I don't mind the logo, or the colour scheme. I prefer the old colours and logo, but no one likes change do they

    What I resented a little bit is that the webcast has been promoted for about a month, promising 'something extraordinary'

    In my opinion what was delivered wasn't extraordinary, it was 50 minutes of my life that I won't get back. It offered no value to NI's customers, brought no knew knowledge to the table and just felt like was repeatedly been hit in the face with a PR and marketing hammer.

    There isn't a problem promoting the amazing things people do with LabVIEW, but it doesn't need such a song and dance. I would have preferred to have seen an open discussion about this 100 year plan that NI mentioned, what areas they are going to focus on in the coming years, how they are planning the transition between current gen and NXG LV.

    A lot of our careers are pretty heavily tied to NI, we aren't impressed by marketing hot air, we just want to be efficiently kept in the loop regarding what NI is doing and how it is going to affect our companies. (I say 'we', that's my opinion, but I would be surprised if I was the only one who thought this)


    Thank you. You stated my opinion of yesterday's event very well. I'm still mad that I sat through that entire webcast waiting for something more informational than a new logo and slogan. 

  4. Why post a critical remark to what looks like a homework question from 2.5 years ago? Acquiring electrical current data is not the challenge of this problem which is very doable with the correct hardware. The challenge is knowing when the current exceeds the "Time-Current Characteristic Curve". The curve defines for a given current level how much time passes before an over-current occurs. The higher the current the quicker the reaction time, but the shapes can vary.  


  5. On 5/8/2019 at 8:15 AM, rscott9399 said:

    This is the way i did it.

    Seems to work ok

    Broke it down into an array and then concat it back together with just the pieces i wanted.

    One caveat , when it strips it out, it looses the  ":" colon in C drive, so concat a constant with it.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Been a few years since i have worked with LV and getting back into the swing 


    Is there a reason you're not using the actual "Strip Path" and "Build Path" functions? These allow you to manipulate the path, platform independent. No worries about slash direction and appending the root.

  6. 3 hours ago, jacobson said:

    You used to host this at Salt Lick? That seems pretty far from the convention center (~19 miles) especially when I am guessing most people won't have a car.

    We used to get a bus and I thought NI used to arrange it for us even though it was not an NI event.

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