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  1. The main reason I'm asking is VIPM for Linux is out of date and requires an old version of the LabVIEW runtime, which it somehow doesn't detect even when I put it in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I've had issues getting it to work on Windows in the past too, and I'd rather just use a different, less cumbersome tool to install them if possible. Plus it would also be nice in general to have an open-source alternative to such an essential tool.
  2. As a side note, I'm pleased to see that you find my resource editor useful
  3. Fun fact: the Type Specialization structure works in generic VI's. Or at least as much as anything can work with generic VI's.

  4. I'm trying to make a simple, compact, square Boolean constant to put in an array so it looks like a grid of pixels, using XML heap editing black magic. The most significant change I made was converting the multiCosm to a bigMultiCosm so I could color each state separately. It ended up failing to load the block diagram. This isn't a surprise, as I am after all changing data in ways it wasn't necessarily designed to handle, but it did get me curious about what the exact error was, since who knows, maybe it was something I could fix. So I turned on dprintf_logging (in Ned) and tried it again, and this was the output: LoadObjectData error 5, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 113, tag 'table' (256), dpid 0 LoadObjectData error 8, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 111, tag 'partsList' (194), dpid 79 LoadObjectData error 8, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 104, tag 'ddo' (52), dpid 19 LoadObjectData error 6, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 110, tag 'dco' (48), dpid 21 LoadObjectData error 8, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 7, tag 'termList' (268), dpid 29 LoadObjectData error 8, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 3, tag 'nodeList' (164), dpid 27 LoadObjectData error 8, [VI "lvtemporary_436621.vi" (0x000000000a3c9660)], UID 2, tag 'root' (214), dpid 126 I'm guessing the answer is no, but is there any public documentation of those error codes?
  5. 1. I thought references to GObjects didn't need to be closed. 2. I'm not concerned about RTE; my interest is for use alongside VI scripting, e.g. for doing low-level editing operations in a shortcut menu plugin. 3. Noted, thanks. I just copied your icon and didn't really consider what it meant.
  6. Thanks; I'll update it when I get the chance. EDIT: Done. I also wired the error in/error out terminals, since I apparently forgot to do that before.
  7. I'm mainly concerned about LabVIEW's built-in uses of the file dialog, Fileā†’Open for example. Is there a simple way to replace that with a call to a third-party library?
  8. Here's a simple VI I made that does the opposite. This one should be cross-platform, though I've only tested it on Linux. I enabled maximum error checking on the MoveBlock CLFN, but I've found it can still crash LabVIEW if the pointer is invalid, so keep that in mind. Pointer to Refnum.vi
  9. CURSED.viTry that. I added more stuff to it, including that.
  10. Forgot about this! Just gave it a try, and I can confirm it works on LabVIEW 2021 on Arch Linux. At least as far as I can tell from my initial test. Would this work with Conditional Disable Structures so a single version can work in every OS?
  11. Behold, my latest creation...a triangular constant!
  12. I see. Running LabVIEW through padsp appears to fix it, except the express VI's still crash LabVIEW when I click OK. Thanks though
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