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  1. You don't get an NI part number just by publishing on the Tools Network. Granted, when I was asked if i wanted to take advantage, it was a product on the tools network but it becomes a part of their product catalogue. Companies can then order it through NI themselves along with their other software and hardware and NI then pay you.
  2. NI have (at least used to have) a facility where you can give them the software and their sales team will sell it alongside their other products. You get an NI product number and it's included in their software catalogue.
  3. No news is good news. I have a couple of "tricks" I use here. Periodically I will remove the software from the public and wait to see if I get any complaints that it's missing. If there is still no feedback then it goes back in my private toolbox-no immediate interest means people are probably no longer using it and you don't have to support it in 10 years time when someone stumbles across it. Sometimes I release a "Beta" version. They are not really beta's (I don't believe in them) but fully tested products. These are usually for things that have taken me some time to create b
  4. Boss: There's no "i" in team. ShaunR: There's no "u" either but there is "me".
  5. I've written quite a few a test sequencers. They all worked roughly the same way which was a little bit like CSS in being able to include other files. Basically scripting. I have always been lucky though. I got to specify the hardware and using SCPI means you can just script the commands directly from the files with a simple TCPIP or Serial squirter and not bother with drivers. But simple wrappers around drivers can also be used for difficult stuff. I just extended the SCPI syntax to include the hardware route. So you end up with "recipe's" and add some custom stuff for delays/waits, a dialogu
  6. Python has taken over the areas where LabVIEW traditionally dominated in test and measurement There are a couple of reasons for this not least that it's multi-platform and opens up more cost effective hardware options such as Raspberry PI's.
  7. This also goes for any other non-LabVIEW UI used to control LabVIEW. I came across this issue with the Websocket API (as you probably know, I ditched LV UI's a long time ago in favour of HTML). Unlike other Websocket applications that send the HTML to be rendered, the implementation I chose was message based. So the VI would serve an image of the FP and the javascript would send back the click co-ordinates WRT the image. The Websocket API would then translate that into the LabVIEW FP co-ordinates and operate the control found there. It was a bit more involved than that but that was the ba
  8. What a horrendous format TOML is. I won't be using this format unless forced to at knife-point.
  9. Here's my tuppence. Get an indication from your IT dept when thy expect the issue to be resolved then get your project manager to bill the time against IT's budget. Add to your project plan the time they indicated and add a note that the project delivery date will be be delayed by at least that amount of time. Keep doing that if/when their indicated time expires until they resolve the issue. If you have weekly project meetings, make sure it is in the minutes and get an action on IT to resolve the issue and require status updates from IT so it never drops off the agenda. Ensure the IT issu
  10. no cat for Cat? They are just text files (sort of). If you don't have a file called "state" in "/sys/power/" then i guess you don't have those features
  11. There is another method that I use. Read the entire file and return a single element (or maybe more) whenever access to an element is required. This relies on OS caching to maintain performance but yields real-time, on-the-fly changes to the ini file being reflected in the application.
  12. The Linux Kernel does support them but of course they are not called that. The Kernel has to be compiled with the features and I don't know for that device. Check what is available (if at all) by issuing "cat /sys/power/state" in a command prompt. Check how it can be woken up by issuing "cat /proc/acpi/wakeup"
  13. Are you using Shared Reentrant? Try using Preallocate.
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