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  1. NetDMA was removed [depricated] in Windows 8. NetDMA would definately make a difference but probably not as much as you need (up to about 800MBs) and it requires BIOS support.
  2. That's why you are paid so much. Or if you aren't; you should be.
  3. Well. If you've turned off all the M$ malarky (like QOS and Nagle) and tried the fast path then you are CPU bound. There isn't really a lot to tweak.
  4. For windows, you only need to replace the file open with "CreatefileW". That also gives you the long path names. LabVIEW read/write/close are fine after that. I got a popup warning after installation on LabVIEW 2009. Something about a dialogue error cluster being replaced. It was only a warning and made no difference to the operation, though. I'm guessing it is due to back-saving rather than being built in 2009.
  5. His arguments are a bit woolley. There are much better articles about the deficiencies of OOP in general (fat pipes, the view-port problem etc). But all of them are for non-dataflow languages and one of my main arguments is that LVPOOP solves a non-existent problem due to inherent state control. If you want to upset some people, just say that a normal subVI is inheritance by composition There are reams and reams of posts on here (Lavag) somewhere with me arguing about LVPOOP. Nowadays I use it for mainly two reasons. Custom Wires. Session memory. But that's more to do with the implementation in LabVIEW that anything OOPy.
  6. He only wants to "snapshot" rather than streaming images, from what I understand. 15 is theoretically feasable for single images with gigE (1920x1080 @ 12 bits/pixel ~ 3.2 MB per image). I'd use a hardware trigger to make sure they are all triggered simultaneously in spite of congestion. It might take a couple of seconds to get them but the biggest issue I see is that the OP is using Matlab
  7. Raw TCP. Make your application respond to SCPI commands and the other engineer can treat it like any other instrument. Can even be over a network (remote). It's a simple method which is programming language independent and can be added to existing applications without much problem. Also has no additional installation or distribution requirements.
  8. I don't know what the original file was but you are more than welcome to use the mine, if it is similar. Rolling Average.vi
  9. Well done for volunteering I look forward do testing it
  10. Nice. It's screaming out to be made into an xControl, IMO.
  11. When the compiler doesn't care, why should I? The view I take is that "Style Guides" are just that. GUIDES, not LAWS. If "boolean" was chosen, what do you do about capitalisation at the beginning of a sentence? There are arguments for grammatical considerations but I'm "meh" when it comes to programming type names, classes at. al. These things are just a distraction - form over function. Read it and weep:
  12. This is a historical "problem" due to compilers being case sensitive. This was one of the reasons that I went for Pascal compilers over C since Object/Open/Turbo Pascal is case insensitive and boolean or Boolean are synonymous (as a type). I've always maintained that there is no excuse for case sensitvity as it only introduces errors, obfusicates and increases foot-shooting but has zero benefits (unless you consider obfusication a benefit which is arguably a security risk). I've had many conversations with C/C++ programmers over capitalisation of types and function names (initial caps vs camel case vs lower case etc) and my response has always been "whatever". Do we really need to bring this problem to a wiki, of all things, about a language in which case is irrelevant?
  13. I can't substitute terms because you defined a specific architecture as the generic "message" - with which I disagree. OP: Just for fun and giggles. Turn on "Synchronous Display" on the indicators.
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