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  1. Um. Can't we? If you select the objects on the front panel and press the "Reorder" button in the toolbar. There is a "Group" option. That will group the selected controls and you can move them around as one unit. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you are asking.
  2. This is a test harness I'm using. It is the VI loaded into the sub-panel (Example1.vi) that invokes the save dialogue when this VI (Example2.vi) finshes executing. It also happens if the the Abort VI button on the toolbar is pressed. (auto dispose ref = true makes no difference if that's a criteria).
  3. It is loaded with Open VI Reference. The Explain Changes" dialogue states that it is a cosmetic change (A front panel object was resized). My current suspicion is that it is linked to the "Fit Control to Pane" setting of the xcontrol on the host VI and/or the facade (which the actual control is also set to). I've at least now ascertained that it also happens in normal sub-panels too and is repeatable. Maybe I should just publish it with a known issue - something I have always hated to do. Then at least others can fiddle with it.
  4. ShaunR

    LabVIEW Memes

    am I doing this right?
  5. I think so. Well. I know so but I'm unsure of the mechanism since it is an xControl on a VI that is loaded in a sub-panel of another xControl (if that makes sense-it's nested). When exiting, the host VI (loaded in the sub-panel) wants to be saved. I can stop it by not updating the display state of the xControl on the loaded VI host, but then the facade doesn't update properly. Additionally, it doesn't seem to be every time; just sometimes which is proving to be a barrier to finding a work-around. If it's not loaded in the xControls sub-panel (even a normal subpanel), then it all works as intended. I have, since, thought of a couple of things to try, but it'll have to wait until I can get round to it again. Amen.
  6. ShaunR

    LabVIEW Memes

    Lol. Bonus points if you have one of those VIs on each virtual desktop. Keep 'em coming.
  7. Dissapointing. I've managed to work around most of them but the one that prevents me from publishing is that I can't get rid of the xControl making the host VI dirty and requiring saving (a nested xControl). Still. It's OK for my personal use as I can put up with that.
  8. ShaunR

    LabVIEW Memes

    My first ever meme prompted from this post
  9. Not the words I would've used There has to be a meme that can link GoT and NI inter-departmental politics.
  10. Are there plans to fix all the bugs? I've just spent a month writing two xcontrols and all that was mainly finding workarounds to the bugs (and I still don't know why some of the work-arounds actually work)
  11. Check the project XML and see if there are any absolute paths rather than relative paths.
  12. Setting "Verify" to false just turns off the certificate check so that any old certificate is accepted without error. This is of course a security risk and should never be used outside of development. IIRC. The LabVIEW HTTP functions use cURL and the "ca-bundle.crt" located in \National Instruments\Shared\nicurl. It contains the certificates of the Authorities. Adding the servers' certificate or the servers' trusted root certificate to that list once you have ascertained the certificate is correct for that website; is the recommended procedure for adding ad-hoc certificates (thus keeping "Verify" = True).
  13. I only see a 1d array of images loaded from files (which you didn't post). Is the question to convert the 1D array of image files into 2D? How to stitch a 2D array into a single image that looks the like 2D array (stitch row, by row, column by column)? How to stich the images of a 2D array into one long image? (Vertically, horizontally?). If I were to "stitch" some images together, I would use the default Picture Toolkit or maybe Vugies Bitman library rather than the Vision Software. Here's an example using the Picture Toolbox, which loads a number of *.png files, splits them into a 2D array, then "stitches" them together as one long horizontal image. It should be fairly straight forward to "stitch" by rows or columns from this point, if it is required, by adjusting the Top/Bottom in the same way. Multiple row stitching.vi
  14. Is Cirrus Logic part of NI?
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