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  1. 3 votes for XControls; seems legit EDIT: Oh wow, 7 years since a reply to this thread? I guess that doesn't matter since it's a sticky post though.
  2. VISA is ok but not everyone uses it so...
  3. Oh, no I didn't. I actually forgot that the fixed-length string UI was used for FPGA's.
  4. Oh, forgot I posted that thread. Thanks
  5. If you use Ctrl+Shift+D,|, it will enable logging DPrintf messages. Then you can do Ctrl+Shift+D,P to display a list with most of them: LabVIEW internal debug keys - Ctrl + Shift + D + one of the following | toggle DPrintfs. Currently on. : print global font table A check app heap B print TD dictionary stats D PrintDSStats E toggle QElement checking G toggle StripChart scroll/copybits H show/hide heap peek. I print heap text info J rebuild all malleable instance VIs in current VI's context L prints linker graph viz info M toggle memory checking. N show Ned, the f
  6. Hedge, is that you? 😉 EDIT: If you don't get it, just pretend I'm insane. Have you tried passing it a preallocated string? preAllocateStringsUIEnabled=True preAllocateUIEnabled=True preAllocateEnabled=True Right-click string control/constant, Set String Size
  7. It would be nice to have it cross-platform, but it's hard to bring myself to ask when you've done so much already! Don't feel like you have to worry about it.
  8. Wow, awesome—I would never have thought anyone would go to so much effort for this! Thank you! I do have one question: what is it that's stopping it from working on Linux/Mac?
  9. Awesome that it works! I'll add it to the LabVIEW wiki. I'm already aware of how to do it on Windows; at first I thought you were saying it works on there too (which I haven't tried in the latest version, but have no reason to think it would work there.)
  10. Has anyone else wanted to be able to simplify their block diagrams without saving lots of subVI's that will only be used once? Like an embedded subVI? I feel like I must be missing something because as far as I can tell, this functionality is already 99% of the way done, and not even hidden. LabVIEW just doesn't ship with one that you can actually put whatever you want inside. And yet, this feature can be trivially created using what I'm pretty sure are all officially-supported LabVIEW features: This is nothing specific to VI scripting; that's just what I decided to use for the exam
  11. LabVIEW's built-in XNode editing tools are enabled using a license file, rather than a simple INI toggle. Presumably they do this for stronger discouragement from unofficial use, as hacking one's way past that feels a lot more "shady" than just adding a line to a config file. But what about the Linux and Mac versions? They don't have a license manager, so how is XNode development enabled there? One might guess that those features simply aren't compiled into the released builds of those versions, but there is actually precedent to suggest otherwise. VI Scripting used to be similarly restri
  12. Buried inside LabVIEW's resource files are several resources with the type "TMPL". They contain information that looks like it could be incredibly helpful in figuring out the structure of many of LabVIEW's internal resources. They're in a binary format, but it's quite trivial to parse, so I quickly put together a tool for loading and viewing them. Template Viewer.zip For more information, see this page, which appears to describe the same format: https://www.mathemaesthetics.com/ResTemplates.html (Change the URL from https to http; the forum won't let me add http links for some reason
  13. https://www.pearson.ch/download/media/9780130153623.pdf

    (Page 122) Actually, "monnie pleaser" is the 5-2-2-2-5 connector pane. "super monnie pleaser" is the first of the two shown, and the second is "monnie would be pleased-er".

  14. lvobject.rsc, "Cosm" resources, Write Palette w/ path = "BUILT_IN_FUNC_%d_0_8_Cosmetic"

    VirtualBox_Windows 10_20_09_2020_16_05_40.png

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