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  1. I installed a R&S CMD60 driver in my PC, and i can use its vi by select add vi, but i am wondering how can i select this vi in control pane directly? Just like we can select DAQ, Motion...... VI. That will decrease little workload to search the path where the driver is.
  2. I think it is absolutely we can replace PCI DAQ to USB DAQ, if the I/O usage can meet your requirement. Firstly, you may try to find what is the alias name of your 6251, then go to block diagram change the 6009's alias name to your 6251's name. you can find the alias name in MAX. Please make sure how many Analog, Digtal I/O you indeed need.
  3. Faint, i didn't take a look at all funtions on palette. Thank you Antoine! This function is which i am looking for!
  4. Hello, wisdoms! Please kindly give me some advices or hints. Now, i need read all text files in a folder, but i just find i only can read one selected file one time. It seems LV can't read files in folder one by one automatically. Should i use ActiveX or .net??
  5. In my little brain, i just feel PXI is expensive one and most of them can be replaced by PCI. A stupid question, if we use MXI to connect PXI to PC, should PXI system install OS? Is there any special requirements for PXI system install OS, like driver, configuration......?
  6. levin.hua

    PXI advantage

    Does anyone know the advantage of PXI system, is there any difference from PC system? or please give some hint for PXI programing.
  7. is learning LabVIEW

  8. It is so happy to see LAVA again!
  9. QUOTE (Yair @ Mar 30 2009, 01:05 AM) Yes, i am seriously agree your viewpoint. sometimes i found my tutor costed lots of time to study datasheet or equipment program guidance. sometimes i felt he was not a SW engineer but a electronic engineer. i looked the those thread you referred. Thanks!
  10. QUOTE (Yair @ Mar 29 2009, 02:01 AM) Thanks Yair, i have LabVIEW license in my company and also have some devices on hand such as PCI6509,8451,6212... in my eyes, i recognize LabVIEW as a device control and DAQ, i don't konw how to face interview's question, or what questions will be asked. i am preparing for that... i'd like to know what skills are essential for being a LabVIEW engineer.
  11. i am interesting on your topic. Now i am meet a same question that controling a stepper motor. which device are you using? and which IC you used for driver?
  12. i am a HW test engineer, now i can use LabVIEW control DAQ´╝îcontrol Agilent instrument, but i am not sure are those skills can fit LabVIEW developer's job requirement. Because i am looking for a new job to be a LabVIEW engineer. i'd like to know more and be stronger.
  13. i saw your post also in NI forum. you may need a SPI controller(NI8451). and when you installed 8451 driver you can send command whatever you want.
  14. It maybe because PC RS232 logic level is different to your IC. As i know, if you wanna connect PC Serial port to other device(not pc) you may through MAX232 or sp3232 to change level. PC serial port voltage range is -12V to +12V, MCU voltage range is 0 to 5V.
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