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  1. yeah, Thank a lot. by the way, if I got a binary image how can I convert it back to the normal image.
  2. well, I can do color matching already. by using color matching vi. but it can only detect which one is black and which one is not. How can I know which one have more black pixels (mean that it is bigger)?
  3. Hi, Now I'm using NI LabVIEW 8.5 with IMAQ Vision and a USB Camera. I look for some method to detect a group of black color.(I don't know how to say it in English >.< Please see the picture below.) -------------100 pixels----------------------30 pixels Let say, I have two pictures like this. and I want to detect the group of black color, which have more pixel than 50 pixels. (in this picture is the first one.) I can do a bit with the color detection, but in this case how can I know which one have the black color, which are grouping more than 50 pixels. So, please help me to do something. and also now I'm trying to improve my English if anything is wrong please correct it for me. (I will appreciate it a lot.) Thank a lot.
  4. I have an error with "not is an image" how to use it? Does you have an example?
  5. thankyou very much for your answer....but my savefile process doesn't in loop it cannot increase +1 like this example. if it go out the loop, how the program remember what number of iteration in the last. many thanks.
  6. Does Labview can create variable like C language? example int x,y,z; char x,y,z; I want to storage the number into variable to use in my next process. Does it have..?
  7. I'm new in labview; so I search the google for it but cannot find... if in C language, I will create variable "int x;" to combine with initial string path and then use x++; to increase it. But in labview I cannot find how to create the variable like C language. Does Labview have an variable like this?
  8. I have an image from webcam that i want save it in my folder every 1 minute. So this is the problem for me that i don't know how to save it. I want to save file name "image" + with "number of image" ex. 1 minute : image1.bmp 2 minute : image2.bmp 3 minute : image3.bmp n minute : imagen.bmp How to do it? Could you please show me the example? and what image type savefile fastest ? best regards,
  9. how to "{Outer-Inner}." Many thanks Neville D and ShaunR. you help me so much. thank you
  10. I want to select it manually. I don't know how to ROI only the triangle edge that i interested sorry for my question. I'm new in labview and not good command in english. best regards lovemachinez.
  11. No..no.. I want to use it with pattern matching, to find another tag that similar this. I can do it with VBAI but I want to know how to create it with labview software...
  12. I mean, this picture below i want to ROI only the triangle.....,not include the middle and background. which vi thai i will use? please show me the example..
  13. I have array group from my matching.vi and i want to divide it to numeric to use in my next process.... How can i do this? plz help me,I'm a beginner in labview.
  14. QUOTE (Neville D @ Mar 27 2009, 11:36 PM) But this one form this forum http://forums.lavag.org/Finding-Edges-with...ion-t12946.html vi in post#3 can work correctly. I can't understand what is the different of two vi. why this vi can work correctly but my vi doen't correct. could you please tell me what wrong with it ? many thank
  15. QUOTE (Neville D @ Mar 26 2009, 11:36 PM) I mean when i play this vi , many time the display image does not show correctly (Sometime show color , sometime show grayscale, sometime show edge detection....) Did you play my vi? if you play my vi. you will understand "not stable" that i mean. Best Regard
  16. when i run this vi in the Edge detection display image does not stable. it has very flashing what wrong with it and how can i solve this problem? best regard Artid
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