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  1. Hi all, I was asked to make a program to get reading from 30 LVDT using SCXI 1000(32 channels) to make it easy.. i have did it in this way . However, when i click acquire, the sound when it taking reading was loud . Is there other way to get 30 readings in one time other then my method? please help me. thank you
  2. ok... i got what u mean .. thanks a lot...
  3. oops here the sub VIs.. hope you dont mind to help me check again >< http://h1.ripway.com/paramesium/subs.rar p/s: most of the sub VIs can be found from excel.llb, those that cnt be found is in special.llb
  4. maybe u will like this =) the item i have added is delete from array. Best, paramesium
  5. ok... heres the link VI http://h1.ripway.com/paramesium/Untitled%203.rar excel file http://h1.ripway.com/paramesium/project.xls (something wrong wif my comp.. i cnt upload it through lava.. i am sorry)
  6. Hi everyone, I hope i can make the data i got in labview to be transfer into excel and make a graph and so i did a VI with activex. But it seems like something wrong with my programme because theres an error message coming out everytime i run the vi although i can get the graph in excel run time error '1004': Delete method of series class failed
  7. ok.. anyway, why do we need to put the "GraphData"? and when i paste that example to another new vi and saved it, it works but with an error message
  8. Hi everyone, I hope to make a graph with the data that i have obtained in labview into excel using active X. Can anyone guide me with that? thank you.
  9. Hi everyone, I am currently using labVIEW 8.5 and i am planning to use ActiveX to insert my data into Excel. And from one of the topic , i saw that we can use this GOOP toolkit.But heres the problem,i do not know how to install this toolkit with my current labview version, can anyone teach me that? Thank you
  10. thanx bmoyer... dear moderator... i am sorry ... i just realise i posted in the wrong section...please help me move this topic if possible thank you
  11. halo ...this is part of my programme everything is working fine including the saving and open part but heres the problem... when i trying to cancel the save... it show me the error message as below
  12. halo...but how to avoid from getting error when i press cancel when the programme is running?
  13. hmm....last time i did something like this i put DAQ inside a subVI then when u press "initialise"button , u will get the data... so...you let your main reading to minus up your second reading(which u get when u press "initialise" button) put it in sequence structure if it is in the same loop if it is not...creat a local variable... hope u can understand what i am trying to say
  14. QUOTE (Ton @ Apr 8 2009, 09:51 PM) ok.... thanks for the advise I will try to use "delete from array " option thanks a lot
  15. Hello , I am doing a project and i need to generate the data into a table as shown as below I have signal from 3 different channels and i have enabled the include time data... but once i did that ..it shows 3 time data for the 3 different signals that i gained... is there anyway to make it only one time data instead of 3 time data?
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