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  1. @windowsinsider where's tonight's event, I'm at 91 Brick Lane

  2. @bdsams as a Brit traveling for business in NYC I was surprised to be the most vocal guy in the sports bar watching… https://t.co/EI62oOPtac

  3. @GDevcon Just for good measure. I chose Helen Sharman for my #OurGiantsAreFemale at #GDevCon First British Astronau… https://t.co/2dNOkwI6Wc

  4. @bdsams Not said a damm thing during the past four days, thought Eldrick Tiger Woods was going to lift Major No 15… https://t.co/eIidDZIVsb

  5. @vishots @labview Better Touch Tool ?

  6. I've had the pleasure of working with this great team. They're doing some fun things with LabVIEW in lovely surroun… https://t.co/3HgckVPjwK

  7. @GDevConference @hampel_software @TheSpazmaticsTX They didn't need convincing either !!!

  8. @tmaila What’s the verdict ? As a MacBook user I’m expecting you to be critical !!!

  9. @jimkring It really depends what your LabVIEW application is doing,  high speed DSP or FFTs is not going to be a sm… https://t.co/phOPZDxJkz

  10. @PaigeSpiranac I won my club championship at 15 only to be told it was for over 18's only (new rule). Different pre… https://t.co/HGfcxxysfB

  11. Having used package configurations for a number of years I tried this a few weeks ago following a coffee with the a… https://t.co/Ti7F58FMXQ

  12. @mikeshinoda Switch off, reboot holding down CMD +R Select Install Mac OS to repair installation

  13. RT @Hydrophones: New Year, new opportunity - LabVIEW Software Developer needed to continue Team expansion. https://t.co/0K91547JAx @niukie…

  14. @iAm_erica Did you finish the year preferring the MacBook or surface Pro ?

  15. @OJourdan Big thumbs up for Tower App for Windows (or Mac). A lovely Git client that makes working with multiple br… https://t.co/60gpaulGQ9

  16. @btcare if I took as little care as your call handler did today, I would be out of a job

  17. RT @IDEXASA: Happy to announce initial order for our #biometric card sensor module from a leading Asian smart card provider https://t.co/CO…

  18. RT @verv_energy: We are very excited to have just given an exclusive preview of our #crowdfunding video at our launch event! #investmentopp…

  19. @swatzyssdc enlightening us on "Gateways" at CSLUG preventing users entering garbage and messing up your database or TDMS #labview

  20. @DougiePoynter bumped in to you at Heathrow baggage carousel after penultimate Linkin Park gig. Should have seen them in Tampa on Sat :-(

  21. @LPAssociation @ChesterBe so sad

  22. @LPAssociation Attended I-days in Milan in June and LP were simply awesome. Happy I got to hear that voice at least… https://t.co/rAgFNKrjyS

  23. RT @elonmusk: First Production Model 3 https://t.co/TCa2NSUNI3

  24. @gregory_payne Maori / tribal - really like the fact that a Maori tattoo is going to be unique to yourself

  25. Everybody works differently, don't force yourself into inefficiency by trying to fit into somebody elses workflow. @swatzyssdc #NIWeek

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