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  1. bbystrek, I had trouble following your advice, I had been away for a week and just got back to try to work this problem some more. I attached an image file of my VI so far, I'm having trouble getting the Instrument to respond to this set of commands, but it doesn't give me any errors at all. Am I coding this correct? I don't think I understand exactly how the machine works therefore I'm having some trouble giving it the correct code to have the "Max Hold" Feature turned on. does anybody have any suggestions?
  2. QUOTE (bbystrek @ Apr 14 2009, 12:13 PM) thanks, just found it in the file attached by brianlachlan right before you quoted it here. I appreciate the help guys. I didn't realize that there was a programming guide for devices. My basic understanding of the drivers was that they were magic. but now I think I have an understanding. this should enable me to get the project done. again, thank you. I think it should work.
  3. Hi, I am new to LabVIEW and am working on a project that requires downloading data from a Spectrum Analyzer (Agilent E4448A series). I downloaded the driver from the labVIEWs driver download site, and have been playing around with it, however, the problem I am having is that one of the buttons on the Spectrum Analyzer is the "Max Hold" button, But I am having the hardest time finding out how to use LabVIEW to set that option. It doesn't appear as a VI, nor does it appear in the configure/trace/analyze pallets specific to the driver. I am wondering, is there a way I can find out who the developer of the driver was and maybe ask him the question directly? Has anybody ever worked with instrument drivers that are missing a function and had to write it themselves? I am at a loss as to where to go from here. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you H.
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