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  1. Sorry it looks horrible and not scaled very well. I just had to get the image up. And sorry also that my previous post was a pretty horrible explanation. I was in a hurry to get to work from school where I was working on the project so I just threw something up and hoped someone would understand my plea for help. Basically, this is what I want to know: how do I get it to just leave 'asdf' and 'jkl;' in elements 1 and 2, and then with those same two string indicators turn right back around and stick something else like 'qwert' and 'yuiop' in elements 3 and 4 respectively? (while leaving eleme
  2. Hey all again. I'm back with more of my Pinewood Derby project stuff. I've been reading other somewhat similar issues in the forums, been talking with my partner, AND the professor. The professor didn't help much. :thumbdown: Here's what I'm trying to figure out: I have 2 strings: one belongs to racer 1, one belongs to racer 2. Each string is the name of the racer and the race time of the racer, which was converted into a string then concatenated onto the name. What I want to do is, as the 'tournament' goes on, display my 'top 10' racers and their times into an array. My issue is that I
  3. Hey everyone. I'm working on a project for my LabVIEW class in which we're supposed to design software that senses and outputs a whole bunch of information about a Pinewood Derby race. Currently, I'm stuck on a pretty basic part where I want to be able to assign a string to a number (a race time, for example) in an array of some sort and be able to sort that array according to that number. So I have Racer X with a time of 5 sec, Racer Z with a time of 4 sec, and Racer Q with a time of 6 sec. I want to sort that so that racer Z is on top followed by X and Q. See what I'm saying? Anyway, I ca
  4. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I did actually try a cluster yesterday, but it was giving me a bit of a fit too... I'll keep trying. That's what made the most sense to me as well. And yea then I'd have to try something of my own to sort it out properly. I'll keep trying and I'll let my amigo know what's up too, maybe he has some other ideas by now. Thanks, guys! I'll likely be back later for something else. Take care for now. :thumbup:
  5. Hello everyone. New here. Hi. Hey I'm doing a project in my LabVIEW class to program a 'Pinewood Derby' racetrack. I won't explain the whole thing, that would get boring. I really just want to know how I could make an indexable, sortable array with one column being a string - the name of the car/racer, and the other column being the car/racer's race time. I've tried to just turn my number into a string, then concatenating both strings and stuffing them into my array. But then I can't sort my array in order of race time (it's going to have several racers' times in the same array) because the
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