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  1. Hi santi1222 This is actually a sample project and i am making a server VI and about three different client vi,s on the same pc so there is no tcpip required. i am really only simulating a client server application Regards, Barry
  2. Hi all I am trying to set up a client server application by using a Server VI, IO Server library, shared variable library and Client Vi and i am running into problem. I set everything up, deployed all variables and when i go to run my client vi green arrows appear which tells me everything seems to be working ok but it is not actually communicating with my server vi. When i open the distibuted tools manager and switch an output on my client vi you can see the changes in this application but when i switch an output in my server vi it is not even changing in the distributed system manager. I was wondering has anyone any idea. Help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Barry
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