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  1. Advanced Database Query

    This component automatizes the work of: format sql statement, execute sql query and build a cluster with data output.
    This function accept a sql statement with parameters like format into string and you can resize this function to the number of input parameters.
    The output data can be a cluster or an array of cluster defined double clicking on function.
    How to use:
    Wire db connection input.
    Wire sql statement with parameters like format into string function.
    Resizes the function with the number of parameters into sql statement,
    If the sql statement produces data output, double click on function to Edit columns of data outuput.
    Database conectivity toolkit
    Scripting tools
    This function isn't 100% complete. It's need to complete some abilities and code improvements. If anyone want help me, be welcome.
    My email is bitcosta@ig.com.br



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