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  1. When you say "read and log", I assume you don't mean you're reading from one database and logging the data to another, right?

    We've had success reading that number of channels, but it often depends on the hardware. If you can get the data from the hardware in that time, then you're probably okay (the database writes aren't too timeconsuming).

    I want say read tags from PLCs and log in database. This operation isn't tima comsuming because i use only 2% of CPU time.

    Wich version of LabVIEW are you using? Update rate, deadband ... . I want know what you doing different, to make it work.

    In attached image you can see the system layout.


  2. Hi,

    I'm developing a application thats need read and log a large tag database at period of 1 second. My system have actually 1200 tags and when I try to increase the number of tags my system slowdown and not update at requested period anymore.

    I'm using NI OPC Servers to read data of 4 different PLC's. In the SVE I've created an IO Server to bind variables and all variables are located in a single process.

    All variables are logging alarms and data. The Log Deadband and Update Deadband are set to 0.

    My machine is a DELL Precision T5400 with Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core with 4GB of RAM and Windows XP Sp3 installed.

    LabVIEW 8.6.1

    Bruno Costa

    Automation Enginner

  3. QUOTE (clementgirod @ May 11 2009, 12:23 PM)


    I'm using LabVIEW 8.6, I would like to give an unusual behavior to a subVI window when opened: I'd like the window to be activated without giving focus to it. What I mean, is that I would like the window to be able to catch even on the front panel like keystroke or mouse click without giving focus to this window. I'd like the focus to stay on another window.

    A good example of what I want to do is the microsoft visual keyboard installed with Windows: when the visual keyboard in open you can press any button without giving focus to the window. I'd like to reproduce the same behaviour with a labview window.

    I don't think it's possible with properties or invoke node, I think there might be something to do with the use of user32.dll. If anyone as already done that, or knows how to do it, it would be great.

    Thanks for helping.




    You must be able to handle windows messages,

    Whe a window is inactive and you click inside it, the OS sends to the window the message WM_MOUSEACTIVATE and the window

    must reply this message with MA_ACTIVATE, MA_NOACTIVATE or MA_ACTIVATEANDDEAT.

    In your case you must use MA_NOACTIVATE.

    I dont know how to disable alt+tab too.


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