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  1. Looks good. I could suggest a few things. Several spelling mistakes on things. While not a functional problem, it can look bad on a front panel to a customer. In the RunningZone.vi, there is an input to an error shift register that isn't connected properly. Can be a bear to locate the error source when hidden like this. You created a state machine within a do-while loop. Adding a time delay will reduce resource loading, as this loop will run a lot. Or, switch to a producer-consumer loop. It appears that some of the files have had their name corrected from "Sprikler" to "Sprinkler", but a few files were not, and the project file is not up to date. For an exam perspective, you'll do fine. Regards, Kip
  2. So, I have several test stations that have somewhere between LV7.0 and LV8.2.1. While I like to work from my desk, I have 8.6 here and needed a way to take a package and finish development on the test station. LV doesn't seem to have an option to make Save as Previous Version the default save method. So I wrote this up to down-rev everything to make the move. Open to suggestions for improvements or better ways to do this. Kip K
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