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  1. Dear to All,

    Next week I am going to appear for CLD examination.I am developing some codes as given example on NI website.Please give me the feedback after looking at my code.Explain each and every thing what should i do or dont.

    Topic Description

    Code Problem-Sprinkler Controller Simulation

    Labview Version-2010

    Sprinkler Controller Application.zip


    Looks good.

    I could suggest a few things.

    Several spelling mistakes on things. While not a functional problem, it can look bad on a front panel to a customer.

    In the RunningZone.vi, there is an input to an error shift register that isn't connected properly. Can be a bear to locate the error source when hidden like this.

    You created a state machine within a do-while loop. Adding a time delay will reduce resource loading, as this loop will run a lot. Or, switch to a producer-consumer loop.

    It appears that some of the files have had their name corrected from "Sprikler" to "Sprinkler", but a few files were not, and the project file is not up to date.

    For an exam perspective, you'll do fine.



  2. So, I have several test stations that have somewhere between LV7.0 and LV8.2.1. While I like to work from my desk, I have 8.6 here and needed a way to take a package and finish development on the test station. LV doesn't seem to have an option to make Save as Previous Version the default save method. So I wrote this up to down-rev everything to make the move.

    Open to suggestions for improvements or better ways to do this.

    Kip K

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