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  1. Custom fire hazard breakout out of 1500+ Temperature sensors. Clicking on any of of the sensors brings up graph.
  2. This is the Main user interface the user sees
  3. Creating a Windows 8 look UI for customer...
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a question about the CLA Exam. Earlier this year I took the exam and failed at 63%. I think I will do better this time but I took the exam with LV 2011. Has anyone took the exam with LV 2011 and LV 2012? Was the exam harder in anyway? I developed my main architect during the LV2011 exam duplicating the message queues design of the beta LV 2012 version. Now that the message queue design is part of LV 2012 it will save me time.. I think. Any help would be great. Thanks Bill
  5. I just bought mine! First timer. Sounds like fun!!
  6. Hi, I have seen a similar issue with version 8.6.1 on the cRIO's and I'm wondering if you might be seeing the same issue. Is there a icon loaded next to your PC clock called " My DataFinder" ? Is so.. Right click it, then select configure, then select Indexer tab. Try changing the scheduler to "Never".. see if this helps. Please let me know.. Thanks Bill
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