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  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a data acquisition and logging application for a PXI-8133 with PXI-4300 analog voltage input module, using shared variable single process with RT-FIFO enabled, but I'm having some issues with that. I'm using a determinist loop for data aquisition and other while loop for logging. But, my log file is losing data, sometimes part of the signal is lost, sometimes the buffer is larger than the amount of data and saves a sequence of zeros. I'm having difficulty adjusting the values for the fifo buffer. Here are some questions: 1- Should I use single element or multi-element at FIFO type? I believe a multi-element allows me to have a buffer, right? 2.1- Points per waveform in RF-FIFO settings should be exactly equal to the size of the waveform read in each execution of the timed loop or can it be larger? 2.2- The number points in the waveform read in the timed loop keeps oscillating, depending on the sampling rate. Is it normal? 4- Should the logging loop run faster than the timed loop or at the same rate? Thank-you !!
  2. QUOTE (normandinf @ Jun 3 2009, 12:10 AM) thank you for your big help, it works very well just need a small change, the "%s %06d.jpg" string to "%06d.jpg" and works :thumbup:
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here and in to labview. I need to create a movie from an intensity graph, but I will do this saving images from the graph 24 frames per second, in a loop way. I try using a "WRITE JPEG FILE.vi" but the problem is that when I stipulate a path it overwrite the file in each loop, otherwise with no default path, when running it keep me asking what name to save. I need to make an automatic way to save each time (frame) with a different name, is that a way? thanks, sorry for my english
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