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  1. Is it possible to view a VI that was created on previous versions of LV(e.g. LV3.1) with L.V7.1? I have VI s I wish to see that were created on older versions than L.V7.1
  2. Thanx tkr, this program can read 2 excel files. I didn't know it was this simple...but this explains I'm still new in Labview.
  3. Hi all, I am using Labview7.1 and want to read columns from two different excel files and write what I read in one excel file. The two file have the following info. File1 is named EOB.xls and has the following data Column1 Column2 row1: Energy(kWh) Demand(kVA) row2: 20 5 row3: 25 6 File2 is named measurements.xls and has the following data Column1 Column2 row1: Current(A) power factor row2: 7 0.98 row3: 9 0.972 And want to read column 1 of file1 and column 2 of file 3. The end reasults must be something like this. Energy(kWh) power factor 20 0.98 25 0.972 Is it possible to read from two different excel files? if yes, what VI must I use?
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