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  1. i have tried that, with the same result.
  2. I have a PXI setup with a PXIe-4081 DMM in it. I am trying to capture a current waveform, at 25kHz. For some reason the first 8 seconds of the data capture seem to float, after which the signal stabilizes. Does anyone know the cause, and solution for this problem? below is a snapshot of the data. The DMM is connected in series with a LED load, which is connected to a DUT.
  3. Hi all, I have a problem debugging applications executables on a remote desktop. I have created a very simple vi to test the issue. It contains only a while which generated random numbers every 100ms. The vi is created in LV2013 and the development machine is running windows 7 I have generated an installer the includes the necessary runtime. For the executable the ┬┤enable debug┬┤ is on. The remote machine in running windows xp sp3. I have checked and can confirm that the NI service locator is running. Also I have manually added port tcp 3580. When I first executed the .exe I got
  4. Thanks for all you replies. I have not experience with XControl implementations what does it mean? Thank you very much. I think I'll go for this approach. I tried this with a color box array but with the classic boolean control it looks much nicer.
  5. I have made a frontpanel with 2 numeric arrays. I want to loop through these arrays and have two indicators to show the current element values but also use the loop counter to highlight the current element being processed. I can't figure out how to highlight (use different background color) an individual array element. NI says it is not possible but there must be a way to do this right? Ooh sorry forgot to mention that I'm using LV8.6.1
  6. Thanks again for you reaction. I have been tuning my software and also added code to scale/sort x- and y-axis. My waveform is now almost a duplicate of the drawing. There is however a bug which I haven't found jet which screws up my x-axis scaling. I'll try to fix this myself. Thanks for all the help so far.
  7. thanks for you reply. I want to make a program where you can draw a waveform which can be later on be generated by my DAQ analog out.
  8. Hello, I have a pretty simple program with a picture control on the front-panel on which I want to be able to draw a wave. I already came this far . Next I want to have some kind of function which uses the picture and generates a waveform which can be generated by the DAQ hardware. Does anyone know if this is possible and how? attached is what I came up with this far. main.vi
  9. I have looked some more at the data that I want to process and I found that I only need the raw data of 1 analog channel for the FFT and that would be the one from the light intensity sensor. The other channels measure current and voltage and I can "mean" the 1000 sample per channel resulting in a dramatic decrease in data. I still have to work everything out but I think that I'll be able to work around the memory issue this way. Thanks for all the help so far.
  10. Hi Frank, After having acquired all measurements I need to make a 3d plot with: x-axis = dim setpoint y-axis = frequency z=axis = FFTvalue to make this plot I need all the data (right?). I can calculate the FFT plot for every "dim setpoint" separately but in the end I still have all data in memory because I need it for my 3d plot.
  11. Hi all, Many thanks for all your input so far. I have simplified the "write binary" case a little bit and still I get a memory full error. I don't understand it because in the current situation the VI only uses 160MByte. 2D array of DBL's (64bit) size 10x1000 = 640Kbit This multiplied by 2000 for the 3D array after the for loop makes: 1280Mbit or 160Mbyte. I can't imagine that this will already generate a memory full error. Could there be another reason? memory full.vi
  12. I have 2GB of physical memory plus 2GB swap memory.
  13. Hi s_tim, I have a LED driver with 16bit intensity setting (65535 possible dimming steps). I want to do light measurements over at least 10k out of 65k setpoints.
  14. I have trouble working with the huge amount of measured data in my application. I have made a small example of what I am doing to illustrate the problem. for a little background info this is what I'm (trying) doing: I want to measure 21 analog channels with a sample freq. of 10KHz and 1Ksamples/channel over 10k to 25k different situations. This will result in 21*1k*25k= 525M measurements (I know it is a lot) at max. All this data must be saved to disk and processed later. The measured data must be of type waveform because later on I want to do FFT calculation on it and therefore I also ne
  15. Francois thanks for you reply. I'm still a newby when it comes to LV and don't know where to find the "Lock Front Panel" option. Where can I find it?
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