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  1. Hi guys, Wow Mark, it's exactly what I needed ... marvellous ! I will use the right-click option because my knobs will be pretty small and a left-click zone won't be easy to use. You were right, it's a little bit difficult to see how it works. I don't see what is needed to run it basically with just the modified knob. Indeed the two tabs show one knob working. The result I would like to have on my FP is, of course, what we see on the FP code tab. The xcontrol tab and its content may not be necessary ? Using the xctl file directly shows a frame and numeric indicator ... I'm trying to understand how I can modify the Knobs I already have with your excellent trick. It might be possible since in the FPcode case, there is a "classic" knob control... I will study it more precisely, anyway thanks for your help, it is exactly what I needed. Best regards.
  2. Hi, Yes I know that it's a complex knob but the device I have to simulate has that kind of knobs. It's used in the avionics to determine if a channel can be listened to or not... The user of the application will know how this bullshit works xD. Why would there be two DBLs and a boolean for the output ? I was rather thinkinf of one U8 (values only from 0x0..ff) and a boolean to return the pushed/released state. Because for now i have to use one push button (boolean) in combination besides a classic knob. I will check out what is this Xcontrol thing. Sorry I'm a neophyte so don't hesitate to tell me all the things that seem obvious to you.
  3. Hi guys, I would like to know if there already exists a library of labview controls somewhere... Because I would need a knob button that could be pushed/released in addition to its regular features... What is the best way to proceed if a library of such controls doesn't exist ? Thanks in advance, best regards.
  4. Hmm yeah, I checked these read values and semmed to be ok ... but it's not so important because I put this value just to see if there was a different color at a point in the String. I tried with a lot of different values. Listbox seems to be great for this purpose... I will check it out ! Thanks for your help guys. PS: Sorry for the late answer, I did put this feature aside for a moment and worked on the rest of my project.
  5. Hi again, Sorry I might be a fool but the link you previously posted isn't working for me, I'll look for the tutorial anyway. While I'm here I just want to know why the use in my VI of the FontColor modification doesn't work ... You guys are so clever that you may find the origin of the problem ... Here is the picture of my VI thanks a lot
  6. Hi again, I have the feeling that this trick works OK with a String Control but not with a String Indicator ... I made a few tests and my only results were with String Control ... Am I missing something ?
  7. First, thanx for your answer. I did try to use the selection option of the String Indicator's property node. The problem is can't make it work. I added the elements "Text.SelStart" '2' (2 means the start of selection is the second Byte if i'm not wrong) "Text.SelEnd" ' 5' "Text.TextColor" '0' (for black) for example. The thing is I don't see any change in the String indicator.
  8. let me be a geek !

  9. Hi guys, Would it be possible to assign a different color to each line of String in a String Indicator ? The only thing a know is that when you try to modify through a property node it changes all the lines of the string indicator ... This might be possible but how ? regards
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