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  1. 100% this. Also, don't forget they famously sued MathWorks when MatLab started to roll out graphical programming tools that looked a little bit too much like LabVIEW. That cold war finally ended, but only very recently.
  2. Y'all should read the PDF versions of the letters Emerson sent before getting your panties in a bunch about LabVIEW's future. Quoting from one of Emerson's letters: We are very excited about the combination of our two firms and the potential we can achieve together. Emerson has long admired NI as a technology leader in the electronic test and measurement industry, a complementary adjacency to our Automation Solutions business with a similar technology stack of intelligent devices, controls, and software. We have been particularly impressed with NI’s portfolio including modular intelligent devices and the LabVIEW suite of offerings, as well as NI’s industry stewardship over many decades in this space. Combining NI with Emerson would lead to significant opportunities for both of our teams and further develop our position as a premier global automation company.
  3. I didn't quote the part where he explicitly states his disappointment with NI's "execution" and how it has lost focus on it's "stakeholders" including customers and partners. Check out the article and decide for yourself. I mean, he's not wrong if you ask me.
  4. Well, Dr. T came out in favor of the transaction. Thats a pretty significant commentary on how he feels about current management. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/national-instruments-co-founder-backs-7-billion-emerson-offer/ar-AA16JEEA
  5. For those interested in an announcement I mentioned at the start of this thread:
  6. The issue I've found is not the LabVIEW vi's bundled with the driver installers. The *real* issue is the property nodes. Some drivers, like NI-RFSA, have tons of things that can only be set through a property node. You can recompile and move/copy vi's to your heart's content, you'll never get those property nodes to work in any version of LabVIEW that is not "supported". I'm certainly hoping that they find a way to allow property nodes from any version of NI-xxxx to work in any future version of LabVIEW. One can dream, right...
  7. Has anyone noted anything particularly noteworthy from NI Connect this week? One thing I noticed is that NI is going to be decoupling NI driver versions from LabVIEW version numbers. I think this means that you will be able to use any version of LabVIEW with any version on hardware driver in the future. Anyone notice any other announcements of interest?
  8. Wow. Thank you for a valuable post Rolf. All of that helped me answer and understand so many open questions I had. When I look at recent NI actions from these angles, it does all make sense. It doesn’t make me happy, but at least I can understand it.
  9. I've been to all of the NI Week conferences in the last ~ 10 years. I never attended a Lava G event, never saw one advertised outside of this forum itself, and never even noticed a room set aside for Lava G at the convention center (I frankly don't even know where the event is held). If people care strongly about this community here, the best thing to do is to casually let people know on reddit, or ni.com, or stack exchange that this forum exists. It's my belief that this forum only got traction in the first place because it's existence was announced on another forum, info-LabVIEW. I know most of you guys are hard core engineers, and "dont' believe in marketing". But, you know, the field exists for a reason....
  10. I’m not so quick to use participation numbers on this website as a proxy for LabVIEW popularity generally. I would be real curious to know what percentage of active participants on this site only found out about it via the the old info-LabVIEW listserv. How would a brand new LabVIEW developer find or know about this site? Google? What are the odds that this site ranks better than ni.com in Google? Pretty much zero I would think.
  11. So I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.....but I've changed my mind. There is no conspiracy to kill LabVIEW here. I recently discovered that some of the toolkits NI sells, like the ones used to generate WiFi test signals for the RF hardware, are also going subscription only. Now this is pure madness. Who wants to buy a $75,000 signal generator for your lab, which will be useless if you don't resubscribe to the software package every year? Crazy. So I've changed my mind. They're not trying to kill LabVIEW with a subscription. These people are just dumb. Really, really dumb. Never attribute to malice that which can easily be explained by incompetence.
  12. Re. the YouTube video... Yes, this is absolutely the problem! Great reference! (Start watching at about 2:30).
  13. Related: Color of money is a big deal in corporations. Especially in sectors like defense and government. I've seen huge buckets of government money that have one big stipulation: They can ONLY be spent on CapEx, not OpEx.
  14. I think the biggest problem with the subscription model is that it does not set incentives correctly for NI. In the olden days, a company had to actually improve their software and innovate in order to get paid more money every year. Now, with the subscription model, all they have to do is "lock someone in" to their platform, and they get paid forever. Why continue to add new features to your software every year? Your suc......err....customers.... HAVE to pay you. Even if you don't continue to improve the software. In this new model, what financial incentive does NI now have to continue improving LabVIEW? It seems to me like they only need to just enough to keep existing users from leaving. That's not exactly innovative stuff. You know what it leads to? Flat revenue for the product line. You know what Wall Street hates?
  15. A stream of pictures at 30 frames per second or higher is best handled as.....wait for it.....video. I'm not aware of any software that could stream raw video into a database. It seems kind of crazy to even try that. My best advice is to start thinking about this as a video problem that requires video compression and video codecs. Those video codecs could be either hardware or software based. If each of your pictures is significantly different from the last, then you would want to use what's known as an "intra-frame" video codec. This type of codec does all video compression on a single frame/picture and does not rely on information from surrounding pictures/frames.
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