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  1. Hi! What are the mayor differences between DVR and singleton template in GOOP4? Singleton: Only one object instance in memory Not wire required Simple DVR: Wire Requeid Multiple instances can be in memory. anyway, could you tell me when should I use Simple DVR and Singleton? Thanks!
  2. I think yesterday I was too tired to make this last trial. The way to create plugin.llbs for factory pattern, where every vi is protected by removing its block diagram is similar like anything else..
  3. Hi! I'm wondering about the factory pattern. It is a very useful tool if the target has memory limitation, and I think it is modern-style plugin architecture. So I'm planning to redesign my plugin-based code to Factory pattern... BUT what about the code protection? Using source distribution with clear block diagram option is a very good way to protect the code, but what about the classes and their methods? Is there any way to remove remove class method block diagram?
  4. I created an installer, and Tested on Virtual XP, and works fine! Thanks!
  5. Will this vi work if I don't have LV development? I mean, I wanna create an installer, LV09 RTE will be included. When I install this app, will this VI returns the Shared folder? Do you have any experience or shall I make a test on it? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! I would like to write a code, what is able to find the ProgramFiles\National Instruments\Shared - Folder. This folder is selectable during installation. This code will be placed into my exe, and Installer. So, When the user install my applicaton, and select a path where my application and National Instruments Runtime will be installed, my app will search for the National Instruments\Shared path. Is there any tricky way for that, or I have to seach whole computer, so I will have a lot of premission error....
  7. Thanks!!! I'm very sad, because I have a demo tomorrow . I thought that, Notifyicon can be a great tool to inform the user about device removal/connection.... I'll post it on NI Forum, I hope someone will find a solution! Thanks again! Did you check this link? http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/3915
  8. Hi! I've just created an installer and exe on Win7. I've tested the exe and installer on win7. The application works fine, but when I start the application on XP, nothing happens. The icon of my app. appears on taskbar, so it starts to load, but nothing happens, and close without any error message. The app. was created on Win7 32 bit 2009 SP1 LV. I used some Windows.Forms, tools. - notifyicon - contextmenu - menuitem My first idea was the win components, but I read on MS forum, it is ok. (some problem occures when the notfyicon size is larger than 32x32.) I made the modification with
  9. It seems, there are many reason why should I choose llb, or not... What are the common solution for these problems? How do I manage my Classes and methods in development time in order to use SVN? And Source Distribution?
  10. And how do u handle the overwrite methods? (equal names) Are your classes in different llbs? For example: ApplicationDirectory\Resurces\Class_1.llb and Class_2.llb?
  11. Hi Experts! I'm wondering about, how to create my application file/folder structure. I've a top level VI, that contains and manage most of my classes but some methods (not all). First of all, I would like to know. if I create an application, and set my startup vi, that contains only an LVclass object its block diagram (only the object, no method exists on the top level vi). When I create my my app, all the methds will be loded into memory, by default or just the class? The reason why I would like to know, is the following. I have some plugin VIs that operate on the parameter Classes, which w
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