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  1. hi todd, thanks for your zip-file. i do really use labvie 7.0. so the arrangement in the vi may work fine. "may" means, i still havent a duplex-soundcard. the ordered one will come in the next view days :-) the vi shows me two "U8" streams to the in- and output chart. do you think this streams are in phase, are in the same time? I like to compare the output with the recorded input. thats why i have to be sure and carful about the synchronisation. what was the idea to snake the error-messages throw all the sound-moduls? is it becouse of the error output? tanks an soon, stefan
  2. hi todd, thanks for your infos. i still try to get work my onboard sound-card. the computer is in fact rellly old (pentium III). so, maybe i have to recognise to buy one of this soundcards from creative. there very cheap models. thanks for your image. do you found the *.vi in the example libary of LabView? may you send me the *.vi or post hier in the forum? soon, stefan
  3. thanks todd, do you know how i can play a sound AND (in the same time) record the played sound over a microphone? i like to have a synchonisation to calculate the transmission (or the absorbtion of a lot of frequency) in the spectrum. between the speaker and the microphne is a polymer structre. this soft material with lots of gaps for air let not all frequences pass. so, i will know wich one will be absorbed. any idea? thanks, stefan
  4. yes, thanks todd. now i try to send a sine to the soudblaster. how do i do it, so that i can analyse them in Labview over an Micro at the soundblaster? soon, stefan
  5. hi there. im new in LabVIEW- world. an i try to send soundinfo (sine, or cos or a sound from a wav) direct from LabVIEW to the soundblaster in my PC (Windows!). I like the record with a micro (connected to the soundblaster) the soundwaves an measure the difference in LabVIEW. So, I like to send sound from LabVIEW and I would analyse there. Any Ideas? Witch plugin do I need? How do I connect du my line-in? thx, markus
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