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  1. Hello, I have a theoretical question about removing block diagrams. I know that removing block diagrams will make the vi unable to run on different versions of LabVIEW, different OS's, etc etc. However, I was wondering whether if you remove the block diagram of a certain vi, and then edit and save sub-vi of the vi whose block diagram you just removed, will the vi use the original version of the sub-vi, or the new updated version? Thanks in advance for any info! I did run a quick test to see if I could answer my own question (should have done this before I posted originally), and found that
  2. We want the user to be able to run the program on any computer once he has paid for the program, simultaneously and at no extra charge. Also, our program is going to be released piggy backed on another program, so the user may buy the main program with no intention of using ours. In the interest of time, we do not want to have the user to wait for a dongle to arrive if they do want to activate our program. It's an easy fix to give the user a new license key if their hard drive crashes, they would just need to repeat the activation process but would not have to pay again.
  3. I was actually hoping to avoid using the Volume Serial Number, since I understand that it is not very static (reformatting will change it, and make the license obsolete). I was leaning more towards a physical Serial Number of the hard drive which can only be changed if the hard drive is swapped. MAC Address is no good since disabling the network card will make it impossible to read, and internet is not necessary to run the program. Michael's link fruited some ideas about using the BIOS card, which I'm looking into now. Any ideas about this?
  4. I'm building a Licensing application, and was trying to figure out a way to programmatically read the Hard Drive serial number (not the Volume number, the actual static physical serial number) to use as a license key. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this in Windows and/or Linux? (If you can do it in another programming language, that would be ok too, but LV is preferred). Thanks in advance
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