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  1. Hello again. I got it working after all. I was right that my object structure was messed up. Now I am able to read DO[#] from my robot. I attached a screenshot from my LV code. It is very basic, but I hope it helps someone to get started using Fanuc PCDK through LabView.
  2. Hello, I have currently problems with Fanuc PCDK and LabView. Ians post opened the syntax of LabView ActiveX handling really well, but I still can't read any I/O or register data from robot. I can read alarms from robot, so my connection is working. I think my problems relate to that Type casting what Ian mentioned. Any example screenshots from variant to data type casting in LabView? And how can you access f.e.x FRCIOSignals if everything has to use IRobot2 as refnum? If I try to open new automation reference, all I get is Class not registered error. Sorry about my stupid questions but Im
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