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  1. Hi all, I have an issue with a Basler L801k camera. Im trying to programatically set it to externally trigger each line on a sync pulse. I have had the system running in external sync programable mode, but external sync edge controlled mode doesnt seem to work. I have to use edge controlled mode as the end user wants to be able to vary the exposure of each line of the image depending on the period of the sync pulse. With the camera in edge controlled mode I was expecting to see variations in sync pulse period produce a lighter or darker image (depending on whether I shorten or lengthen the p
  2. Okay sorted the problem i had a picture logo in each page of the tab container and this was causing the error with the pictures deleted it builds fine when the pictures are grouped with variuos other decortions i get the errors and it will not build if i ungroup the pictures then it will build but the picturs do not download on the the PDA how can i get the picturs to show on the PDA exe??
  3. Double Post Sorry mods feel free to delete
  4. Cheers for your reply im am using labview wiht the exeuction target set to Pocket PC 2003 device and as a result there is only one tab coniter avaliable which is in the containers pallet i am building the VI from scratch but it has always been built in the correct execution target ie pocket PC 2003 device (not for windows execution) i get the same error in both device and emualtor mode
  5. i am trying to build an exe to go onto a PDA using the Labview PDA module but when ever i have a tab container in the code i get the following error when trying to build the EXE in device mode and emualtor mode cosm5432_ctlid missing VI or C file if i delete the tab container i dont get any errors and it builds with no trouble and downloads onto the PDA no problems can anyone on here shed any light on this problem where can i find this missing file/VI i have searched the NI website but have drawn a blank thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Try this VI all you need to do is supply the image path, which can be static or dynamic. The problem I have found with picture rings is trhat when you have many pictures the llb file gets very big and it takes quite a while to load the program because it has to cache all of the images. If you use my vi the pictures are loaded as jpegs as required by your main level VI. Enjoy! Al Download File:post-1633-1111165831.vi
  7. David, Thanks for the reply. I have been struggling with the 'representation' vs 'presentation' issue, but i think i have figured it out now. I have included a pic of the new VI that converts a double into an 8 element array of hex numbers incase anyone else is having the same problem I was. Al
  8. Hi all, Im back with another conversion question! I need to convert a decimal number into a 4 byte hex array so that it can be written to a file. I have managed to convert a number to Hex (see below), however it gives 5 bytes out and i have to have 4 bytes. Anyone got any suggestions as to how i do the 4 byte conversion? Cheers Al
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know how to convert a hex string (8 bytes long) to a double precision number? I have had a look at the hex data but i cant see a decimal point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. aL
  10. Cheers FLX, I've been trying to figure out this out for a few weeks now!! Al
  11. Cheers FLX, I've been trying to figure out this out for a few weeks now!! Al
  12. Hi all, Im new to this forum, but I've found lots of interesting and useful info so far - so thanks all! I have a question though. I need to programatically find the serial number of a hard drive using labview. I think I need to call the kernel32.dll, but im not sure if that would work, or what the query should be. If anyone can shed some light on this problem it would be great. Thanks! Al
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